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Facebook fight: Joy Isi Bewaji VS Olabisi Ajai, which side are you on?


The current ongoing fight between Facebook celebs Joy Isi Bewaji and Olabisi Ekwueme Ajai is not ending anytime soon.

The two women have been calling each other unprintable names and using their different life experiences ranging from domestic violence to failed marriage to attack each other.

Joy Isi Bewaji wrote:

“Dear Facebookers,

Let it be known that anytime there’s a trending issue on this Rihanna’s app…

I, too, will have opinions like EVERYONE ELSE.

If you pick me out of hundreds of people subbing your fvck up, because you think being a public personality makes me vulnerable to…


I want you to know you will not get away with anything.

I will use everything within my power to buy my peace.

I am forever ready to go to court.

I will speak my mind.

If you come for me and my k.i.d.s because I joined in a sub EVERYONE was part of…

I will not sit pretty and watch you display such prejudice.

I will anyhow you want it.

I am ready anyhow you want it.

New week. Same energy.”

Olabisi Ekwueme Ajai wrote:

“Joy is vile. Joy is vile. Don’t stoop to her level’ is why the play ground bully has been going on and on about me. I blocked her. Thinking if she does not see anything about me, she would stop. But no. She did not. Now, I’m done.”

“Teeheehee! You think you can shame me with my two exes? Choi! Is this all you gat? Me dat ayaf already spoken about my life? My life is an open book.

Just as you insulted an innocent baby, you are now using domestic violence to insult me?

So, bo se fuyeh niyi? So, the supposed great wordsmith can be reduced to cheap emotional curses and seeming support of domestic violence? Muahahahhah! I laugh again in Edo-Yoruba.

You see, this is why it is good to chest your story. Me that I have already chested my story?

You have NOTHING on me. NOTHING that I have not already told. I take the power to shame me away from anybody who thinks they have that power.

I was a victim of DV. I wrote about it. I STILL get money from it. From Amazon. From people who still want to buy the book. My book changes lives! My story helps DV victims to leave to live. When they read my story, they are inspired. How is that a bad thing?”


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