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Ijeoma Chinonyerem rejects Ujunwa Olivia’s apology, drags Olabisi Ajai for calling her names


Facebook influencer, Ijeoma Chinonyerem has rejected the apology of one Ujunwa Olivia who made a fake post about her alleged rapist.

Ijeoma Chinonyerem wrote:

“During that Uju/Donkelly saga, I made a post saying the Donkelly post wasn’t adding up. I added that whomever made that Donkelly post could either be Uju’s friend, someone who had access to her phone or she screenshot her profile herself.

What did she do? She made back to back posts which culminated in her making a suicide post and tagging me to it.

Olabisi Ekwueme carried the matter on her head and made posts insulting me and lying against me. What did she not call me? What did she not say? What manner of bodyshaming and kikiking to horrible comments did she not do.

I ignored all. Pim I no talk.

I’m just finding out that during that period, Olabisi Ekwueme asked this Uju to go to Hymar so he’ll make a sub post for her against me.

This woman not only pushed this girl to sell her book during the rape saga, she literally asked her to go to hymar so he’ll write a sub reply for her against me. A reply that the Uju girl will post as hers and people will read and hail her whereas na hymar write am. What level of hatred and agbayaness is this?


Hymar of course wrote the sub and gave the Uju girl but she didn’t post it for reasons best known to her. Because of that, Olabisi stopped talking to the girl. Hymar sef come dey ask am why she no post am.

I’ve never been more disgusted than I was when I heard of this this morning. Ever since I blocked this olabisi woman last year and moved on, I’ve avoided her. Even when she insulted and dragged me during the Donkelly saga, I did eyes right because scvm will scummate.

She is someone I have absolutely no respect or regard for even though she tried to cozy up to me countless times. She was jumping up and down in my inbox trying to make friends. Unsolicited calls and such. Me not giving her the time of the day or allowing her to “mummy me” is why she got angry, insulted me on her post and blocked me.

That didn’t matter much to me cos like I said, I do not have a smidgen of respect for her and actually see her as an inferior. No, for reals. I see her as an inferior. She fit get money, age or whatever but nope. She’s down there as far as I’m concerned.

But I thought she’d at least have some respect for herself. I was wrong.

Olabisi trolled me, insulted me, bodyshamed me (really funny when you see that dollop of fat and wrinkles calling me”whitewashed and bleached out”) and I kept quiet through it all cos she’s old, unattractive, menopausal and lonely.

But you see this one of directing this girl to go to hymar so she’ll write a sub for her, that’s low. That’s “unignorable”.

The bitterness and hatrëd you have for me naim go shuk you Olubunmi. It is not by force to be your friend. All I did was rebuff your friendship. All I did was not rate you. All I did was refuse to acknowledge you. All I did was accord you the same respect I’d accord any other Facebook person.

But you gwii in my inbox looking for me. Calling me on messenger unsolicited for gossip. Trying to suck up. And when you saw I no send you, you came out for war, insulted me, blocked and subbed me.

God forbid I’d be your age and still be embarrassing myself on Facebook. God forbid I’ll be your age and be telling 24 year olds that I have the whatsapp number of commissioner of police. God forbid I’d be near 60 and be agbaya-ing upandan and threatening to sue teenagers when you cannot even properly reply women who are your age mates. Na for small pikin body you dey get power.

God forbid I’d be making subs and counter subs at 50+. God forbid I’d be paying people to sub my perceived enemies who I’m old enough to birth at your age.
God forbid!

Ifere megbuo gi.

Then to the bald man.

Hymar hymar hymar.
Hymar that afternoon 15 months of The Unveiling has still not replied me till date. Has still not mentioned my name till date. Yet he GHOSTWRITES subs for me so other people will post. Something you, hymar idibie david cannot do. Mehn, it’s the cowardice for me.

You were writing subs for 3k. Now you write it for free. Are you not “desgsted” by how low you’ve sunk?

You wrote for Uju, she no post. You go dey ask her why. You now wrote for kola. The mpam posted.
Hymar if you want to talk to me, be a man and make your own post. Let’s do part 2 of the unveiling, you filt.hy beggar.

Are you not ashamed that this is what people remember you for? Olabisi dey send people give you make you sub. She dey send contract give you? She dey remember you when it comes to something tangible? You no dey shame?

They said you said you googled your name and you didn’t see the Unveiling. Bros, that’s because of me! My Facebook settings prevents my posts showing up on search engines. I set it that way for reasons best known to me you mute mgbada. It’s there on your app settings!

I went to Osaremen a day before the Unveiling and asked her not to carry any of those posts on her wall. I wanted the spread controlled. I was pitying you. Ask her.

You want to try me and see if I’ll not pay blogs on even Instagram to carry it, you mañíâcal mpam? You want me to dedicate resources to seeing that happen? You want me to do sponsored ads about it? Cos bro, I will.

This is 2021. You still have nothing. Someone said you’re static. No you’re not static. You’re regressing. You’re moving but na back you dey move. With every year, your situation worsens. Yet you’re on Facebook writing free subs for Ijeoma. You hymar that cannot even take care of your health without begging people inbox till now. Yet you’re writing free subs for Ijeoma. Kai!

The screenshots of your victims from ndi will to ndi Europe are still on my wall till date yet you go about saying no evidence/no receipts. You want me to resurrect the posts? Cos trust me, I will! And even add the latest.

I want it to be known that after the Unveiling I’ve never mentioned hymar on my wall. For 15 months. After I blocked the old, unlovable wënch called olabisi, I’ve never mentioned her on my wall. For over a year.

I even avoided putting mouth in topics concerning both of them. When she trends and disgraces herself as she does every other week, I mind my business. I don’t make posts or even comment. But these 2 people will not stop goading me.

Now you have a reply.

Olabisi, it is nobody’s fault that you are how you are. If you choose to make enemies, find your mate. Fight your mates. Sub your mates. Cos grandma, next time you’ll talk about me or slutshame/bodyshame me, hehehe.

As for you Hymar, try me again.”


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