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“How do I protect my husband from other women?”


Question: How do I protect my husband from other women?

Answer 1: When he’s going out, rub nzu and okpehi on him so that he doesn’t smell good to attract other women.

Answer 2: Do the extraordinary. Appear like 10 women to your husband on a daily basis. Respect him. Honour him. Don’t talk back when he’s talking. Cook his favourite foods. Look good. Smell good. Use lap dance to finish him. Seduce him. K.i.l.l him with s.e.x so that he won’t have energy to look for other women.

Answer 3: Put him inside a bottle and enjoy your marriage.

Answer 4: Tie a rope around his waist and drag him around. You must take this job seriously before a strange woman turns your husband’s heart against you.

Answer 5: Why are you still wasting time asking question when you can easily buy kayanmata and live in peace.

Answer 6: Madam, you will finish yourself with high blood pressure if you continue like this. Who told you your husband needs protection from other women? Is it your duty to protect your husband or what? You better set your priorities straight and stop asking dumb questions. Protection my behind.


Answer 7: You cannot protect your husband from other women if he wants to cheat on you. It is not your responsibility to keep a man faithful. This is a lie society sold to women to keep them confused. If your husband doesn’t want to leave other women alone, there’s nothing you can do about it. Go and get a job or a business and stop policing a grown man. Protect my husband indeed.

Answer 8: Pray for him. Pray for him all the time. Fast and pray for your husband. Side chics are not playing these days. They hunt for married men like animals hunt for food. Anoint his clothes and your marital bed. Command the fire of the holy ghost to roast any strange woman that is eyeing your husband. God will give you victory.

Answer 9: If you like pray all the prayer points you know for him to protected from other women, it’s a waste if he doesn’t protect himself. Rest before you wound yourself.

Answer 10: Always dress nice as if you are still single. Wear bum shorts. Use sexy perfumes. Give him sex all the time.

Me: 不不不不不

By Kate Halim

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