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Hymar David Idibie drags Joy Isi Bewaji over her relationship with alleged fraudster Muyiwa Folorunsho (1)


After Interpol declared Muyiwa Folorunsho and his wife Glory Osei wanted for defrauding people, Joy Isi Bewaji took to Facebook to write posts praising Muyiwa. She said Muyiwa changed her life.

Read her post below:

“Muyiwa changed my life.

He changed my mind. He refined my soul. He changed the way I process information.

He approached me like a project, and he did a damn good job.

He changed me.

He made me see myself differently in a way that

demanded I ask more from my world. I have been trying to explain how this man impacted


my life, and I can’t find the words.

Four years later and I still can’t find the words.

He is in my head. Always. In everything that I have done in the last four years, he is centred around it.

It’s weird. It’s like being caught in a bubble.

I took his positive energy and refined it for myself.

I strongly believe I wouldn’t do all that I have done if it wasn’t for him.

Even to this moment.

I have never met anyone like him. It was like DisneyLand – you know, the rollercoaster,

the saccharine joy, and then the lows.

We encounter people differently.

I will not invalidate the issues of others regarding him. It has been two years since they were dragged on Twitter.

The dragging was necessary….

But her Facebook enemy Hymar David Idibie wasn’t having it. He has been making a series of posts bashing her and calling her names.

Hymar David Idibie wrote:


I still can’t get over this.

Somebody defrauded people of hundreds of millions and is on the run after being declared wanted not by just the police but by INTERPOL.

And somebody who was in bed with the said fraudster is on social media eulogizing the fraudster and trying to paint him as some sort of misunderstood martyr wey no bad like that.


Abeg, make I follow Davido ask, who dey give criminals this kain mind?

Even the righteous wey bold like lion no bold laidis. See audacity wey pass faith.

Only in Nigeria will you see criminals this bold. Only!”


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