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Hymar David Idibie calls Joy Isi Bewaji a fake feminist who loves to enjoy the benefits of patriarchy


Hymar David Idibie is grateful to his Facebook followers for going on the journey of paying Joy Isi Bewaji back in her own coin.

Hymar David Idibie wrote:

“Sha I hope you know that “The Boyfriend” and Muyiwa are one and the same person.

I hope you know.



Werey bin dey disguise before we tear her mask(because it is misogynistic to tear her bra).


Thanks for joining me on this journey of unravelling an unrepentant bastid fraudster and thief and lying machine who thrives of bullying and broke shaming honest, hardworking people on social media while helping her 419 boyfriend to scam the same honest people of their money with bogus investments and schemes.

Thanks for joining me to demistify ( yet again) a fake feminist who is obsessed with enjoying not just patriarchy benefits but benefits of crime.



A lazy, greedy iyawo ole who takes pleasure in mocking people who work hard for their money.

Thanks for joining me to give a taste of her own medicine to a cruel sociopath who thinks mocking beautiful little children with disabilities makes her savage.



A mentally ill, born wr etc.hed bastid with a dark hole inside her who can’t look at herself in the mirror whenever she wakes up in the morning.

Thanks for joining me to watch her roaring denials become a pathetic whimper of ‘Muyiwa my lover, my heart is aching for you’, before she finally started confessing like witch wey anointing don catch ( Economic and Financial Crimes Commission you people will receive a mailed petition with plenty screenshots from me soon. If una like no take am seriously, na una sabi).



We go back to default mode of posting love and light and memes and selling garri and writing beautiful stories on Omo Igbo and being content with our place in the order of things while patiently working honest gigs and writing our next book, believing our talents will take care of us.

And more importantly, we stay GENUINELY happy, refusing to fake anything, knowing we sleep well at night, and we stay extremely joyful.”



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