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Joy Isi Bewaji and Hymar David Idibie are still dragging each other on Facebook


It seems Hymar David Idibie and Joy Isi Bewaji are not tired of dragging each other on Facebook since their fight started some days ago.

Joy Isi Bewaji wrote:

“How am I going to sué Hymar now if he keeps misspelling keywords I can use for lìbél, ehn?

What kind of cowardicé is this, kwanu?

Why nah?

Heysss! Hymar! Spell the words correctly.

Put my fullname there… then back it up with keywords.



Stop frustrating my lawyers.

Please nah.

With plenty talk, there’s always that slip. Why are you giving up after just 48 hours?


O wrong nau.



You have to continue.

You are letting a lot of people dówn.

Me wey don go brag say Hymar will sub until hunger pángs remind him it is time to eat.

Only for you to end it so soon?

Are you hù.ngr.y so sóon?

Should I toss you a b.ó.ne, hómie?

You wanted to stéál the inhéritánce of little children… Facebook expose you. Drag you for an entire week. And here you are.

A bíttér ní.gg.áá.

One day you go jus’ burst out of all that pent up rage.

Jóbléss as they come, rúnning helter-skelter through every app, looking for crumbs.

A d.o.g.

Ma’fren, keep bárking. Don’t be s.i.l.l.y.

We are greatly entertained on this side.”



Hymar David Idibie responded:

“Let us bust another lie from awa Abba Kyari Lite

Madam likes to brag about “my company” “my work” ” My this and that”

Truth is.

Madam side-vulture to Muyiwa the wanted fraudster was just a common employee who was paid higher than other employees because she was sucking the boss Muyiwa preek 2 times daily like doctor’s prescription.

One for morning. One for evening.

Muyiwa the fraudster was funding her company and using it to launder money.

They were not partners. Madam dey collect salary.

With time we go know the real owner of the so called hotel she dey use brag.

She’s a human bedbug who feeds off others. Glory Osei was both face and brain. Na she be the boss of the fraud world dem dey.

Joy own na to go buy amala for oga madam.

Na because of am Dido sing Life for Rent. For nothing she has is truly hers.

Na babanla liar and fraud herself.

Thank you for coming to this short Ted Talk.


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