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Facebook user calls out Eatrich Farms CEO for not paying her return on investment


A Facebook user named Onyinyechukwu Ndupu has called out the CEO of Eatrich Farms Amb Sam Afolabi for not paying her return on investment for a while now.

Onyinyechukwu Ndupu wrote:

“For the first time in a long long while I broke down for a minute and cried. Today, I cried.

I called my Mom and she didn’t pick, so she called me back and we were talking normal. So she said I sounded down, and insisted I tell her what was up with me.

I opened up to her and told her I had invested with a company called Eatrich and now, not only do I not know what’s up with my money, nobody would tell me what’s going on.

She encouraged me, tried to cheer me up and even offered to send me small money to keep me going till I got my money, but I declined. God bless her for me.




No matter how hard it has been, I have tried to not be a burden to my parents. I don’t want them to worry about me. I only want them to bother me about coming home and nag me about wearing mini skirt.😁

I try not to bring my business to social media, not because of the reasons that naturally comes to mind. But because I am someone who internalizes pain. When I am troubled or am in trouble, I recoil into my shell and try to solve it myself, drawing as little attention as possible.

But I am also someone who likes to let out, which is why I sometimes vent about my frustrations to you people, my friends, whom I met before as strangers.

This is a sad post, but I would really appreciate it not turning into a pity party. I am just at my wit’s end and I want to scream and so, I am screaming here.

I have been dealing with this for weeks! I have held it in trying to be calm and understanding of whatever situation.



I reached out to some of my friends just a few days ago to tell them what’s going on and they were so sympathetic and supportive. They gave me numbers to call, half of which are switched off.

But what blows my mind and keeps me up is how Sam Afolabi has continued to Ignore my calls and messages. I wasn’t even sending “Give me money. better have my money.”

I just said I needed to know what the payment plan was and…

I am tired, guys. This year has been tough and it has tried me, and I can no longer take anything.

Saving up that money was so hard for me. I had to sacrifice a lot to keep putting aside money that I got from working. I was constantly on the road and kept late nights writing, to save that money.

All I wanted to do was be a decent adult and invest money I wanted to use for business.




Omooooooo. I am tired o.😂😂
I have no idea what the fffuckk I am going to do. I haven’t been myself in weeks. I have been looking for a way to disappear. I cannot even concentrate on my job. I haven’t written in a long while.

Okay, I am rambling now, so let me round up.

I need suggestions, advice, kind words of encouragement, ginger, and everything you think I would need to get my money back.

Because guys, if I remember everything I had to do to put together this money, I cannot let it go.

Sam Afolabi would go to hell with me before I let that money go. We’d both before I let that money go, and this is on KOB2 no too sweet.

I am sorry I brought my sadness to your life. I know you probably already have enough to deal with, but….No vex for me. Nwanyi Nnewi si na “Never see” wu na ya afuju go anya.

Afuju gom anya. Please help me.”😭


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