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Whatever you do in life, avoid people pleasers


A Facebook user has admonished social media users to avoid people pleasers in life.

According to her, people pleasers will never help you respect and honour yourself. These people will also advise you to even be praying for those who hate you.

Shade Khadijat Fasinro Idowu wrote:

“Look dears, whatever you do in this life, avoid people-pleasers.

They will lead you into taking bullshit from people. Even when you are being disrespected and maltreated, they will tell you to humble yourself and be the bigger person.

They will never tell you or help you to respect and honor yourself. They will always tell you to be like them.




If they come add ‘God-fearing’ on top people-pleaser in their character, your own don finish be that.

They will advise you to even be praying for those who hate you.

You will follow them until people finish you, take all your property, and your peace.

All the while waiting for imaginary karma and that elusive ‘reward’ from God.

Run from people-pleasing, God-fearing people. They nor too get sense.

If you are weak, find you a strong person with high self-esteem. Someone who will talk to you, give you courage, remind you of who you are, fight with you, tell you that you are good enough, that you aren’t sharing a kidney with anyone, and that it’s okay to be alone. That it’s okay to stand up for yourself. In relationships, in business, in everything.

That your peace and well-being are more important than the acclaim of randoms.

People are always ready to help you. And even if you don’t have anyone like that in real life, there are many here on Facebook.

P.S. If you are a people-pleaser, this advice isn’t for you. Kwantinue your people-pleasing in peace. More grace to you.”

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