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You can’t keep complaining about other people’s attitude when you don’t pay attention to yours


You can’t keep complaining about other people’s attitude when you don’t pay attention to yours. Check yourself.

Sometimes, you are the mean, negative and toxic person you see in other people. You may be the one hurting others with your actions.

You might not know this but ask the right questions about your attitude.

A toxic person is someone who makes others feel bad with words or actions.



They bring others down more than up, and they leave people exhausted, emotionally drained, and negative.


There are different levels of toxicity. Some people are highly toxic, leaving everyone worse off with even brief meetings. Others cause harm over a longer period of time.

A toxic person rarely recognizes how their words and actions are affecting others, even when the results are right in front of them.

When someone talks about their pain, you might feel the need to compare their pain with yours or even talk about how your pain is more important.

This need for never-ending competition and constant validation puts you in a position where you’re constantly treating someone’s pain or success as an opportunity to talk more about yourself.



Learning how to not be toxic means learning how to treat others with respect, even when the tiny voices in your head are telling you to ignore them.

Give everyone a chance to thrive in their own ways, making their own decisions and enjoying their own accomplishments whenever they can.

You are human and you are not perfect, but you can work on yourself.

Keep an open mind.

Keep growing.

Keep checking yourself.

Keep checking your attitude.

Keep checking your behaviour around others.

Keep checking your heart.

Keep striving to be better.

You owe this to yourself.

Stop blaming other people for reacting to your bad attitude.

Work on yourself.

Mistakes are opportunities to grow.

Admit your mistakes.

Own your mistakes.

Don’t blame others for your mistakes.

Grow and move on.


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