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“In this marriage, there is no head of house, no subordinates” reveals Blessing Mary Ocheido


Blessing Mary Ocheido has expressed concern about people trying to “erase” her history and identity because she’s married.

A pharmacist and advocate for the physically challenged, Blessing Mary Ocheido explained that some tell her to change her surname to her husband’s.

Others say that she’s no longer from her state of origin – Benue but now from Imo state, her husband’s state of origin.

She questioned why getting married to her best friend should result in her losing her identity.

Blessing went further to say that she remains the same person she has always been and in her marriage, there is “no head of house” and no subordinates”.

Blessing Mary Ocheido wrote:

“I’m seriously tired of people trying to erase women’s identities just because they got married. It irritates me to no end and I don’t find it funny.




From people telling me to change my name or forcing the “Mrs” title on me to saying I’m no longer from my Benue State as I’m now married to a man from Imo.

I think this needs to be addressed in clear terms.

All I did was get married to my best friend. I didn’t lose my identity. My 20+ years of existence before we took the vows of matrimony do not suddenly get wiped away. I remain exactly who I was- the difference is, I’m now navigating this uncertain journey called life with someone who loves me crazily and I am absolutely in love with.

For us, it not about gender, state of origin, or whatever metrics others used to judge their own marriages.

In this marriage, there is no head of house. No subordinates. We are equal partners and both of us will keep our names. Names that our children will share equally.

If you have a problem with this, you need to really consider the value you place on women or you place on yourself as a woman.

Thank you.”

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