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“Who I choose to love doesn’t make me less black” — Dancer, Korra Obidi says after being trolled for marrying a white man


Popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi is reclaiming her “blackness” after being trolled for getting married to a white man.

The mum of one, who is married to American chiropractor, Dr. Dean Justin, took to her Instagram page to reveal that she was made to feel like a sellout for marrying outside her race despite being a proudly black woman.

According to the Delta state-born performer, some people opined that marrying a white man would make her lose her blackness.



She has however come out to say being with a white man doesn’t make her less black.

Korra Obidi wrote:



So, it’s no story I got married to a blued eyed, blonde American man and I get a lot of opinions daily about my choice of a partner.

‘Can’t believe you’re with him’
‘a nubian queen like you need some good D’ 😂
If you eat pineapples enough, you begin to smell like one.
I started to feel like a ‘sellout’,
Doubts and Questions Like ‘Korra,
if you are so black and proud, why did you marry ‘white’?

Then I remember, I didn’t choose love, Love chose me, it is divine and beyond me. And what I can’t control, shouldn’t make me feel less of me.


Today I reclaim my Blackness!
Who I choose to love doesn’t make me less black✊🏽.
Love who you want. Blue white or green. Love knows no color.

I am #blackAF straight from the motherland and that’s on my mother.”

Korra Obidi once said in an interview:

“People are entitled to their opinions about me, but it doesn’t change who I am and I enjoy who I am. Social media bullies are not critics; so, I don’t care much about what they say about me or what I do. But I pay attention to constructive criticisms from friends and loved ones. There’s a revolution coming to Nigeria.

Nigerian women will no longer be bed wenches and kitchen stewards relegated to the other room. They will be equal to men and free to express themselves. They will be assets, not liabilities aspiring to be kept in a home. The change is coming and I want to be remembered as a pioneer in this cause.”

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