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“Marriage is not for the weak” — Socialite, Huddah Monroe says


Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has appealed to married couples to work out their differences and stay together no matter the circumstances.

Huddah Monroe took to her Instastory and said citizens are tired of seeing reports of breakups and divorces, and she wishes all marriages could last forever.

Huddah further advised that whenever a couple have a misunderstanding, they should remember why they decided to be together in the first place. She added that understanding, forgiveness and kindness is key to sustaining a marriage.



Huddah Monroe wrote:

“May all marriages be forever! We are tired of Break ups & Divorces.
Please work it out no matter the differences. If you decide to go on that journey! Go in it UNDERSTANDING
KINDNESS is key, no matter what happens, work it the fvck out! My parents have been together forever! And they fight, they argue but still together! …Marriage is not for the weak! Anything happens, remember why you chose them.”


Last year, Huddah Monroe said she will never break up with her man if he cheats except he’s stingy.

She wrote:

“I will never break up with a man for cheating! lol! Stingy yes, I’m done. Day 1! Bye! was nice to meet you.

“Especially if he is above 40 years! 45, you can’t be old and want a young woman and be stingy! Pick a struggle!

“Honestly, do old men think young beautiful women like them for love? Loool.”



Three months ago, Huddah Monroe claimed she had dated almost all the races in the world and concluded that Nigerian men are only good for enjoyment but not marriage.

She noted that a woman marries a Nigerian man if she wants to die young. Huddah called Nigerian men headaches.

Last month,  Huddah Monroe expressed interest in vying for Kenya’s presidential seat. The socialite took to her Instagram page to divulge her readiness to become Kenya’s first female President.

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