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Side chic pours h.o.t water on housewife while she was sleeping


33-year-old Mrs. Adeola Moshood is critically ill at Gbagada General Hospital in Lagos after her husband’s mistress, Precious Ahanonu, attacked and poured hot water on her after the woman allegedly caught the mistress with the husband.

The incident reportedly happened at Okerube in Abaranje area of Ikotun, Lagos, where the couple reside.

The husband, Aremu Moshood,  opened a fish pond and employed Precious, 26, to manage it.

After a while the husband allegedly started sleeping with Precious and rented a one bedroom and parlour self-contained apartment for her without the knowledge of his wife. He regularly visited Precious secretly.

After a while, Aremu’s business reportedly folded and he was unable to pay the house rent of where he lived with his wife and three children at Ikotun/Igando Road.

Aremu was evicted by his landlord- as a result, he decided to move his wife and children into the apartment he had rented for Precious, temporarily.




It was during that period that the wife discovered that her husband was having an affair with Precious and he was even the person that was paying the house rent.

This caused animosity and constant fights between Precious and Mrs. Adeola to the extent that one day, Precious boiled water and poured it on Mrs. Adeola’s body while she was sleeping around 1.00am.

She was immediately rushed to hospital where she is being treated.

The Police at Ikotun Division have arrested Precious and transferred her to the SCID, Panti, Yaba area of Lagos for the act, where she is facing charge of attempted murder and serious assault.


The story above is sad and annoying at the same time. This is why I laugh whenever some Nigerian women claim that cheating is not their deal breaker and that they won’t ever leave their husbands for cheating.

Even if you still trust your cheating husband that he won’t do anything to harm you, what about his side chic? Do you know her plans for you and your marriage?

Do you know how mentally and emotionally unstable she is? Do you know if she wants to take your place and will do anything to get you out of the way?

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