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You don’t owe anyone your virginity, what you do with your body is your business


Chris Nwabueze Ndu said it’s funny that in 2021, many women are still under this illusion that they owe any man their virginity.

He shared his thoughts about men wanting to marry virgins while they are not virgins themselves.

Chris Nwabueze Ndu wrote:

“It was last week that a man/wife posted pictures of their blood stained bedsheets with the man proudly claiming that his wife was/is a virgin and the woman showing the blood stained bed spread apparently snapped on their wedding night as proof.

I don’t know whether to laugh at the foolishness of such show of shame or to laugh at the height stupidity in some people amplified by social media.

It is amazing that in 2021 many women are still under this illusion that they owe any man their virginity, Absolute joke.

To think that the man who claims to own a woman’s virginity might have spend his years wallowing in multiple acts of fornication is unfortunate.


So by simply being male you are qualified to speak of women who were sexually active before marriage as women of lesser morals because you married your wife a virgin even though you’ve been having sex with multiple women before marriage.

That’s how a man met a woman in a night club and fell in love with her and decided to marry her.

Taking her home to introduce to his family, the man’s sister told their mother that he met her at a night club and that’s how the trouble started.

“My son will never marry a club girl”
“How can an irresponsible club girl be my son’s wife?”
Amazing! Madam, But, your son was in the same club.

So, your son is responsible despite being in the club while the woman is not responsible for being in the same club with your responsible son? You see what I mean?

Different rules, different standards and that’s how we arrived at the ridiculous situation where a woman carries the entire moral burden of the relationship. No, we won’t pass this foolishness to our children.

We will teach our children, boys and girls to abstain from sex until the right time which at best is marriage.

We will teach our children that there’s no difference between the virginity of the boys and virginity of the girls.

Both boys and girls should keep their bodies pure.

It is a failed sex education on the boys created this dog mentality that a man can sleep with a thousand women and still be morally upright and deserving of a virgin girl.

Abstinence is a message for boys and girls, men and women.

If you believe that the best gift your wife will give you is her virginity and what she gets back from you is a penis that has been into over a dozen women, then you are a fraud.

A morally upright man will be prepared give what he expects to get.

And those of you sharing your marriage testimonies in Churches should help us too.

Pastor, we’ve heard from so many men running around the pulpit with microphones talking about how they married their wives as virgins.

Can we hand that microphone to the women to share about how they married their husbands as virgins and boast about how they were the first to enjoy their husbands?

That will be nice to hear in a society where morality is at all time low.

We won’t downplay the importance of keeping oneself away from premarital sex.

Not only avoiding sexually transmitted infections, it also gives you peace of mind.

You are not going to press the panic button if your period comes late, as a man you won’t worry about a woman appearing out of nowhere clutching a baby that looks exactly like you😊

But, it is important also to add that you don’t owe anyone your virginity whether you are a man or woman.

You owe it to yourself and what you do with your body is your business.

Great day ye all.”

By Chris Nwabueze Ndu


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