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Popular Cameroonian lesbian, Kiki Bandy says women are harder to date than men


Popular Cameroonian blogger and lesbian, Kiki Bandy said that she is scared of women because they are harder to date than men.

Kiki Bandy wrote:

“If I am being honest, one of the reasons I am still single is because I am scared of women. From my experience, women are harder to date than men but I can’t help my exclusive attraction to women.”

Kiki Bandy is a Cameroonian blogger, LGBT activist and a serial entrepreneur based in the U.K.

She is the creator of Kinnaka’s Blog, a high traffic English-speaking website in Cameroon for news and entertainment.

Kiki Bandy is a controversial figure due to her political views and LGBT activism. She has been called “The Most Hated Anglophone On Social Media in Cameroon.”

Kiki Bandy was born Emily Kinaka Banadzem on February 20, 1991 in Jakiri, Cameroon.


Kiki started her career as a blogger in the United Kingdom, in a daily published online blog Kinnaka’s Blog and Kinnaka’s TV, launched in 2015.

Her blog is one of the most frequented by anglophone Cameroonians and Nigerians too who love to troll her because of her sexual orientation.

In 2016, she was listed among the 50 most influential Cameroonian youths under the age of 40 by Avance Media, CELBMD Africa and partners.

Kiki was crowned Best Cameroonian Media CAMEEA in 2015 and won “Best 2016 Blogger” from Diaspora Entertainment Awards.

Kiki Bandy is a spokesperson for the Rainbow Equality Hub, an NGO that supports LGBT people in Cameroon.

In 2017, the beautiful young lady was nominated for best African Blogger of the Year Award By AWA.

In a May 2017 interview, Kiki announced she would be assisting Irene Major with the Gay in Africa Foundation.

She also gave an interview to the Humen Online Hungarian gay magazine, which is also available in Hungarian language.

Kiki Bandy has been criticized for being gay and supporting LGBT rights in Cameroon.


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