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BBNaija’s Angel expresses excitement as she pays rent for a four bedroom apartment


Big Brother Naija season 6 finalist, Angel Smith has taken to social media to announce that she has paid rent for her first apartment.

The reality TV star couldn’t hold back her excitement as she took to Twitter to share the good news with her fans and followers.

Angel, who shared the big news while Nigerians dominated social media with the #EndSARS anniversary on October 20th, revealed that she rented a four bedroom apartment.

Angel Smith tweeted:

“Idk if now is a good time but I wanted to share my win with y’all and tell y’all that I just paid rent for my first permanent apartment
And it’s a 4 bedroom apartment y’all. I have my own space.”

Earlier this week, Angel wrote a post on Instagram about being a woman in modern day society. She said:

“To be a woman in modern day society means to look at the sun in its full afternoon glory and pretend it doesn’t burn your eyes, as if the tears that fall out from your eyes because of its scorching rays are tears of joy and not of hurt.


To be a woman, they say, is to mask your feelings and live as though the things that bring you joy are things to be ashamed of but I refuse to listen because to be a woman is simply to be.

I refuse to listen because how dare they try to define who I am? I refuse to listen because I have value simply because I exist, I refuse to listen because why should I live according to their own compass of how a woman should be? How she should eat? How she should live?

I refuse to listen because the world will just have to adjust to the woman I am and the woman I will be, I refuse to listen because how dare they try to define what I am, the body I exist in, to me?

She nailed it!


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