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10 things you should expect when dating a November born


While November borns may not be open and accommodating to everybody, they become very nice when they have found their better half. They act sweet when they are with the love of their lives.

November born people are very romantic. They can be very romantic  and tend to overwhelm their partners with love. They express their love for their partner in various ways. A November born life partner gives his/her partner confidence and supports him/her emotionally.

November born people are the epitome of what passionate sex is. They need to possess their partners and want their partners to possess them.

Below are 10 things you should expect when dating a November born:

1. They are hopeless romantics

November babies are romantic lovers. They may smother their partner with kisses, hugs and kisses. They are fun lovers. They express their love well. They show romance at every given time.

2. They are sexy and playful

November borns are sexy babies and they look super cool. They can melt their partners heart with their super looks. They are playful and fun. They make sure their relationships never get boring.

3. They are caring and compassionate

November borns are caring lovers. They help their partners when they are in need. They give as much as they are able to. They have compassion on their partners. They do not want them to go through stress.


4. They stand out from the crowd

November born people stand out from the crowd. They are very distinct people. It’s easy to distinguish November borns. They don’t behave like everyone else. Most times, their style is always unique and differs from what everyone else is doing.

5. They are emotional lovers

People born in November can be emotional. They don’t want to see their partner cry or in a bad mood. If their lover feels sad, they are sure to share the same feelings too. They want to be the one who makes their partners smile.

6. They love to meet new people

November born folks are social. They love parties, events and gatherings. They love to be in the midst of amazing personalities. They love to make new friends. They enjoy connecting with other people. They are at their social best when in a happy mood.

7. They are trustworthy and loyal:

People born in November are trustworthy individuals. They are sure to stay with their partners through thick and thin. Once their mind is made up to stick to one person, nothing can change it. They are very loyal. They tend to remain faithful through good and bad times.

8. They always strive to succeed

November borns are born to succeed. They strive to make it against all odds. They do not run away from the battlefield. They fight till they win in life. They want their partner to be well taken care of. They do everything within their power to provide the luxury their partner desires.

9. They are fun loving and jovial

People born in November are fun to be with. They play and act like little kids when they are with their lovers. They are jovial souls. They are happiest when spending time with the person they desire. They feel on top of the world with their partners.

10. They are very smart and wise

Lovers born in November are smart. They can save their partners from awkward situations. They are very wise. They know how to handle other people. They help when their partners are in dire need of a life-saver.

Scorpios (born between October 23 and November 22) are said to be loyal, magnetic and ambitious. Sagittariuses (born between November 23 and December 22) are known for being curious and optimistic with a love of travel.


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