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The definition of wife material in Africa is to make a man happy and be unhappy – Relationship expert Blessing Okoro


Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, has given her own definition of what it means to be a wife material in Africa.

According to her, a wife material in Africa means a woman who will give up her happiness for that of her man.

Read what she wrote below:


In this part of the world, women are tested with suffering and how much abuse they can take from men both in relationships and marriages.

Women are not tested with money, good life, expensive gifts and paid vacations but with how much they can suffer for a man and over him.

As a woman, if you state the kind of man you want to marry, you will reminded that age is no longer on your side and you shouldn’t be choosy.


Men will threaten you with dying single in your father’s house if you insist that you won’t suffer with any man. They will call you derogatory names just because you dared to have a choice as a woman.

The annoying thing is that most men don’t marry women who stood by them when they had nothing. They just use these women to get by, benefit from their generosity and kindness until they stand on their feet financially.

That is when they will suddenly realize that these ladies who suffered with them are not their type or spec. That is when they will start misbehaving so that these ladies will get the message and end the relationship.

Some of these men don’t care who they hurt in their quest to achieve their goals. They don’t joke with what they want in life and they will go to any lengths to achieve it.

So, I pity any wife material aspiring woman who thinks that displeasing herself to please a man will make him stay with her for life. You are on a long thing.

If you think playing small for a man to feel good about himself will make him stay faithful, I hope you don’t have a heart attack when he finally serves you breakfast.


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