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“You all cannot deny the grace over my life” -Toke Makinwa writes as she turns 37


Toke Makinwa turns 37 today November 3 and she took to her Instagram page to reflect on her life.

She celebrated her wins in the last year and the grace of God on her life.

”Been so emotional thinking of how far I have come, how hard 36 was especially mentally, 36 was a year to shed heavy weight,
36 was a year to evolve,
36 was the year of transitioning from what was to what is to be and all of it could not happen without pain.

God needed me to let go of old wine, old ways I served him, old behavioral unhealthy patterns, old beliefs and much more.


I didn’t know I’ll still be here, they say when God wants your attention he distorts everything. And boy did he. God begins where we end. I found him, the moment I stopped trying to do it all.

I found me, when I found him. And then the lines have fallen even brighter in pleasant places. My harvest is here. You all cannot deny the grace over my life, looking forward to 37. It’s just getting started yo!!!!!

Happy birthday to me.

I’ll worry your Time lines today.”

Toke Makinwa also wrote in another post today:

“Omotoke…You’ve come so far, isn’t it crazy that as a little girl you dreamed about the life you live now. It hasn’t come without a lot of sacrifice but it’s always worth it. Happy birthday to that little girl with nothing but dreams who has now grown into a woman of purpose. Thank you lord for 365 days of you.”

In another birthday post on Instagram, Toke Makinwa said:

“Thank you for 36. I will never forget this year. It’s time for 37. God. Me. Family. A few good men. Welcome to my year of abundance 🙏. Happy birthday to me.”


Happy Birthday to Toke Makinwa! May her dreams come true and may she continue to live life to the full.


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