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Mary Remmy Njoku reveals what happens when a person from humble beginnings becomes successful


ROK TV boss, Mary Remmy Njoku took to Instagram to reveal what happens when a person from humble beginnings becomes successful.

The actress said people who knew the person before their success “find it hard to accept that you came from the same place because they are still there.”

She added that all the love and support the successful person gets will most likely come from strangers.

Why do strangers support you more than friends and family? This question doesn’t really have a straight forward answer. It depends on some factors.


Oftentimes, the people closest to us are the most apprehensive about our business goals and dreams, and this can be isolating.

You worry that perhaps you have done the wrong thing as their lack of enthusiasm or support makes you doubt yourself.


But have you ever considered that this might be because you going for your dream might remind them that they are stuck?

Maybe their skepticism is more about them and how your aspirations make them feel – how it highlights their passivity or the rut they find themselves in.

Conversely, it could be your loved ones offer the wrong kind of support or they share their fears around your decisions because they do want you to succeed.

It’s important to remember people serve different purposes in our lives and fulfill us in different ways, and you have to identify those who you can trust your ideas with.

With some people you can talk about relationships, while others are good for discussions about business – it’s about selecting your conversations carefully.

This requires self-reflection and understanding what you need at that moment so that you can consult with the appropriate people.

Maybe you need to hear that it’s going to be okay and everything will work out, or perhaps you need realistic, objective insight from someone who will tell you how it really is.

Sometimes we give people too much power and we are the ones who are responsible for assigning power to them.

You get cheerleaders and problem solvers: don’t ask the opinion of someone who does not have a clue what they are talking about.

Some people are not your go-to for strategies, so when you ask them for this kind of help, it only leads to frustration on the part of both.

It is important to surround ourselves with family and friends for support and comfort in both times of joy and distress.

Studies have shown that having supportive relationships is a strong protective factor against mental illnesses and helps to increase our mental well-being.


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