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Adele bursts into tears on stage as she’s surprised by English teacher who made an impact in her life


Famous singer, Adele burst into tears on stage when she was surprised by her former English teacher Miss McDonald.

The singer was on stage on Sunday, Nov. 22, during her televised gig “An Audience with Adele” when Dame Emma Thompson asked if there was anyone who left a lasting impact on her as a child.

Adele, who had been a student at Chestnut Grove School in Balham, London, mentioned her English teacher, Miss McDonald and narrated how much the woman did for her and other students.

Adele said Miss McDonald, whom she had lost contact with after age 12, reignited her love for books, according to the artist.

She said: “It was just one year, but she got me really into literature. Like I’ve always been obsessed with English and obviously, now I write lyrics.”

She continued: “She was so bloody cool, so engaging, and she really made us care, and we knew that she cared about us and stuff like that. She used to have all these gold bracelets and gold rings. She was bloody cool and so relatable and likeable, that I really looked forward to my English lessons.”


Adele soon discovered that Miss McDonald was in the crowd and she burst into tears as they reunited on stage.

Teachers have a very significant, lifelong impact on all of their students. This impact involves not only the teaching of particular academic skills, but as importantly, the fostering of student self-esteem. Reinforcing self-esteem in the classroom is associated with increased motivation and learning.

Teachers provide the power of education.
They simplify the complex, and make abstract concepts accessible to students. Teachers also expose children to ideas and topics that they might otherwise not have come into contact with.

A teacher can expand on interests and push their students to do better. This is how a teacher influences you as a person.


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