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OAP Money Abebe writes about getting an accommodation as a single lady in Lagos


On Air Personality Moet Abebe has shared her thoughts about how complicated it is to get an accommodation as a single lady in Lagos.

Moet Abebe wrote:

“Renting a place in Lagos as a single working woman is so complicated.. wtf does my marital status have to do with anything?

Why must I have a “man” stand in for me like I’m some sort of second class citizen? Why are landlords and land ladies from the dark ages?

You would think that you aren’t paying your rent in full but squatting on their property. I’ve had it up to here with the patriarchy and discrimination.

Yes I’m a woman, Yes I’m single, Yes I can pay my rent in full, Yes I have a job and Yes I’m a law abiding citizen.

Aren’t these meant to be the requirements and not my marital status? This is so backward and I just can’t get over it.


Even being famous is a problem… so being a famous woman wanting to rent is now an issue. I must be “promiscuous”, I will be throwing parties and orgies on their property.

The best I’ve heard is “sugar daddy will pay for her rent this year but maybe not the consecutive years.”

Wtf? If I did have a “man” footing my bills, would I be discriminated against like this? And we say we want women to make legal and legitimate money? The system doesn’t help or support that though.

I’ve lived where I live currently for five years. I have been an impeccable tenant but I guess that counts for nothing.”

It is sad that at this time and age, this society is still treating women like toddlers who don’t know what they want without the presence of men.

Why can’t a single lady rent an apartment in Lagos and in Nigeria as a whole without being subjected to unnecessary stress? This is so annoying.


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