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In-laws stop harassing wives. Stop fighting for property that you didn’t work for” -Laura Ikeji writes


Laura Ikeji-Kanu has frowned on the unwholesome practice of some in-laws who would always want to take over a dead man’s property and leave nothing for his widow and kids.

Laura asked such in-laws to stop fighting for what they did not work for and also advised husbands to always tell their wives everything concerning their business and properties.

On her Insta story, Laura Ikeji wrote:

God forbid in the absence of the husband, the next in line of the property is the wife and the children, not the in-laws. In-laws, stop harassing the wives. Stop fighting for property that you didn’t work for.

N husbands, tell your wives almost every thing. Stop hiding certain information, let her have certain documents, make her Vice President of your company if you can, even if she doesn’t want to work. Get a will. These wives need to be protected.

Nobody is praying for anything bad but I’m tired of hearing in-laws taking things they didn’t work for.”

Some of these men don’t care about their wives. They don’t care about what will happen to their children if they suddenly drop dead.


This is why most of them are against doing court marriages or writing their wills. They believe that their wives will give out their money to other men if they die.

There are a lot of wicked uncles and aunts who are only good in taking properties that they did not work for. Women shouldn’t be carried away when they are called ‘our wife’.

It is the same people who call you our wife that will turn against you, throw you and your children out in the streets when your husband is no more.

As a woman in this society, don’t just sit pretty believing that you and your children are covered in the case of any eventuality. Be wise, equip yourself with knowledge of the law.


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