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Men don’t put women first when it comes to improving their lives


When single men get opportunities to better their lives either by traveling abroad to study or work, you don’t see them asking strangers questions about what to do because they love their girlfriends so much and want to marry them.

When married men get better job or business opportunities abroad or in a different state where they live with their wives and children, they don’t become confused and start thinking of not being with their families. They get up and leave.

But women, I mean young ladies who have their whole lives ahead of them are willing to throw away juicy job offers, business and education opportunities just because of men and marriage.

You will see a hardworking, dogged and focused young woman who has made something out of her life willing to throw it all away because a man mentioned marriage.

It’s either she’s confused about leaving this country to get a better education abroad or her university drop out, laid back boyfriend won’t allow her travel to further her education without marrying her first.

Note that in most cases, these ‘boyfriends’ who won’t allow grown up, female university graduates pursue their dreams and take advantage of life changing opportunities don’t contribute a dime to this venture.

Yet, they have a say about what these ladies should do with their lives, how they should do it and when they should do it. If this is not premium foolishness, I don’t know what to call it.


You have money, you have a chance to better your life, your family is willing to sponsor your trip abroad for your master’s degree but you want to stay back here to marry a guy who dropped out of school and is managing a branch of your business.

How is the branch he’s managing? What has he done to improve his life after dropping out of school?

Why is he insisting he must marry you before you travel abroad? What if he refuses you furthering your studies after you get married?

Why are you even giving this a second thought? Why do you want to give him money to marry you instead of bettering your life? What kind of marriage will you have with him?

If he were the one who got the opportunity to travel abroad, will you say you won’t allow him travel and he will listen to you?

Make una dey try to use una brain small. Wetin sef?


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