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Facebook users are dragging Nne Isaac for allegedly living large with investors money


Nigerians on Facebook are dragging Nne Isaac for running off with investors money after her forex investment platform crashed last December.

A Facebook user, Sugar Bonita wrote:

“Dearest Ada Ujaligwa good morning ma.

Please ma, are you aware that Nne Isaac and Okoye Adaobi Vera Vera Nwanyi Okuko you motivated your followers after their Zanzibar trip scammed their investors?

Have you heard how they scammed their followers in the name of investment?

I am sure a lot of your followers invested after using them as a motivation.

Please kindly fight for your followers as many of them invested because of the hype you gave them.


This is time to show your followers that you are truly what you made them see, they might be scared to say it but in honesty they are expecting you to use your voice and speak for them.

God bless you as you do the needful.

NB: Don’t come here with your hypocrisy. This post is very clear. It is an honest appeal, if you can’t speak up move away.”


Okoye Adaobi Vera wrote:

“The only reason why I came back online is to make this post and go back offline till I clear all the mess Nne Isaac put me into because I trusted her.


Somethings are better tackled offline and that is exactly what I am doing

But if spreading rumors and lies will give the spreaders consolation, then let them enjoy it.

Till Jan 10th, I am off!
A dead person doesn’t fight battles or clear her names.
Thank you and happy new year in advance.”

Yagazie Okeke Rita Obianuju wrote:

“In Nne Isaac voice I have always avoided drama, even right I will do d Same 👌🙄

Aunty Come out and throw more light to the matter on ground..

Let people know what went wrong with there investment.

See her face Self alone like Yakpotubazie.”

Maryconstance Aguolu wrote:

“Hushpuppi in Dubai…. Nne Isaac and co in Zanzibar.

Hushpuppi is what Nne Isaac and co think they are…. See table naa.

They want to eat like hushpuppi but nnaa eh e choke.

Hushpuppi has no mate in this scam business.

Both have one thing in common…THE LAST SUPPER.”



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