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My Influencing Pay for 3 months is what your favorites are signing for one year – BBNaija Star, Queen throws shades


Former Big Brother Naija housemate and beauty Queen, Mercy Atang recently took to her social media page to shade her colleagues who are signing deals that aren’t worth so much money.

According to Queen, the deals some people’s favorites sign for a year is around the same amount she will get from her influencing jobs in just three months.

She wrote:

“Somebody should allow me laugh and roll on the damn floor.

Same Real Estate company that came for me and I turned them down twice, because of their offer is the same company signing your favorite oh.

What bragging right cannot do doesn’t exist.



The deals my colleagues are signing Bragging right ehh.

When I hear it annoys me.

Dear fans, Check on your favorites. Hope the deals they are signing is enough money.

Don’t come for this cake ambassador girl oh mbok.

Because my influencing pay for 3 months is what your favorites are signing for one year oh.

I am just sating my truth and advising favorites. Love and light. Bye.”

Nigerians are dragging her on Facebook.

Rita Stephen said:

“Madam influencer of 3 months pay, leave others to sign it in 1yr. It’s none of your business. Mind your business this is 2022.

You are only privileged and mind you, that you got to the peak today doesn’t mean that those that are signing less contract won’t get to the peak too. It’s just TIME that it would take.

Don’t make it seem as though you are are better off than them. Some celebrities sef, small change enter their hand like this throwing of shade don start.”

Nkiru Otubo wrote:

“They know your worth and refused to go above that. You think they will pay Maria the same thing they offered you? Maria is a big brand and will surely pay her more.”


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