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Hymar Idibie calls Joy Isi Bewaji Facebook Swindler in a new post


Hymar Idibie has cleared the air about his recent beef with Joy Isi Bewaji. He noted that he’s not mocking her failed hotel business but is calling her out for being a fraud.

Hymar Idibie wrote:

“I have seen a lot of posts claiming we are mocking a failed business. But that’s not even true.

We are not mocking a failed business, we are mocking fraud. We are mocking a chronic liar. We are mocking clout chasing.

We are mocking a reprobate. We are mocking an unrepentant criminal who mocks people doing honest work while being an ole jatijati.

We are mocking the Facebook Swindler.

Again there’s nothing to be ashamed of in failing at a business. A honest business. There’s nothing to mock in things not working out, because things won’t always work out. Especially in Nigeria.


But that’s not the case here.

First of all, the whole so called empire( IF it isn’t audio) was built on a scam. There’s nowhere in the whole of Lekki you can use 30m to build a hotel. 30m will not even buy you a 5 bedroom duplex in Lekki.

Even if you want to buy a small 3 bedroom apartment in Lekki and convert it to a motel, 30 million still won’t be enough to buy it, let alone to begin remodelling and furnishing.

Unless you want to run a cockroach and gecko infested brothel with standing fans where you will use your experience in runs business (as testified by several people who knew you, even Ghanaians) to pack olosho full the rooms and be generating money as big madam, come dey balance the payments small small.

Google Lekki properties prices if you think I am lying. Ask any Lekki-based real estate agent.

Fotel Buhari is a fraudulent business.

If the so called investor exists( bruh, hard to believe anything that comes out of that babe mouth) then person don scam am of 30m. Leave talk.

When some spirikoko people talk about how sex is spiritual, we always laugh them. Oya see as the spirit of Muyiwa still dey work signs and wonders even as the man still dey hide like the rat he is. Baba don give am sexually transmitted yahooism.

I remember last year where she was bragging about her Edo powers. She was bragging about her ability to curse people and ruin their lives.

Maybe if she had spent time speaking positive words into her so called hotel business, it would have lasted past 2 months. Maybe she forgot one line of her incantation as she stand naked for junction one night dey curse people and mistakenly cursed herself.

Because how exactly do you collect 30m from an investor then shut the business down after 1 or 2 months? 😂😂😂

How exactly do you go from bragging about millions and bragging about your so called wealthy boyfriend then saying a NEPA bill of 350k monthly was one of the reasons you closed down your so called hotel.

Your entire life on social media is built on lying then working hard to maintain the lies. That’s why every year you keep losing friends.

Where is your bulldog Bola Awe now? She don run abi? Each time they get close they shrink at the vast emptiness inside you that you try to overcompensate for by living a lie.

They see the deep darkness in you and they all do the same thing: they run. I can list 15 people who you were very close to and ALL of them ran away for fear of being corrupted by the rabid sickness eating at you slowly from inside.

You come at me all the time, but till today I am still waiting for you and your coven to bring receipts, even if na photoshop, we go manage am, but nothing. E no pass dem say, dem say. But you? Your receipts are all over social media.

Me and you are not the same. You are desperate to prove you are living the life. I just live life. You are desperate to be seen as happy and successful.

I am not a congratulations whore. You badly need strangers to think you are what you are not, me, I can’t relate.

You work so hard for public validation. You badly want to be seen as a bad beesh. You badly need to be loved. You are desperate for social media applause.

Everything you do is aimed at “make I rush go Facebook brag make dem know I be big geh”. Your whole life isn’t just a lie, your whole existence is a pitiful cry for help.

Jesus himself said “if the light that’s in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.”

No amount of optics or empty displays or fraudulent bragging or joro to joro posts will make you heal. The cancer inside you will kill you. And you will perish begging for love from even your own.

You will go down lonely and afraid. All the curses you have put out, all the things you have done to people, all the innocent children you have mocked, all the lies you have told, all the staff that you treated like trash, all the people you tried to destroy, all the hate you carry inside you while pretending to be an ambassador of love and light, they will become the boulder of Sisyphus and they will crush you.

You think you know how to hate. You think you know how to be vile and vicious. You think you know how to play with darkness, you will meet people whose darkness scares darkness. And this is just the beginning.

I will be here for all of it. Your curse thing doesn’t work with me because the babalawo wey go help you do the juju wey go make your empty talk affect Hymar, dem never born e papa. You once said you will drag me non-stop.

Lol, I am going to be here to remind you that preek wey think e be hammer, na wet towtow dem dey take humble am.

Oya, I have posted, you don get the notification, now do kwik and read then go to your wall and lie about how someone sent you the post xbchcnfhf.


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