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“Marriage is only for well trained women. If you are too big to respect a man stay single” – Journalist Sadiq says


A Nigerian journalist, Comrade Lanre Sadiq, has taken to social media to address women on the issue of respect in marriage.

Taking to Facebook, Sadiq stated that marriage is not suited for every woman and any woman who feels too proud to respect a man should not bother getting married because marriage is not for her.

According to him, the way a woman behaves towards her husband is a direction reflection of how her mother treats her father at home.

He wrote:

“MARRIAGE is not for every woman. If u are too Big to Respect a Man stay single. Your manner towards ur husband says much about how your mother treat your father. Marriage is only for well trained women.”

It is this kind of useless posts that energize men to continue abusing women in marriages while screaming to be respected. You don’t demand respect from a woman you disrespect.

This society needs to stop breeding ill mannered boys who think they are God’s gift to women all in the name of women must respect men. Are women allergic to respect?


Why are men not being taught and hounded everyday about loving and respecting women? The way most of these men treat their wives reveal how their fathers treated their mothers -like doormats.

Now, these same boys who saw their mum scamper to safety whenever their fathers arrive home think they have the right to tell young ladies how to live their lives.

It’s funny and annoying at the same time that respect is now reserved only for men because of marriage. If as a man, you can’t respect your wife, stay single. Don’t expect your wife to behave like your mother.

Mutual respect in a marriage is important because it is a sign of trust, support, and the knowledge that both of you love and appreciate the other for who they are. Every successful marriage is based on the foundation of mutual respect for one another.

When couples have respect, it frees them up to be their own person, having their own interests, opinions, and feelings without fear of rejection or reprisal from their partner. Respect is crucial to a marriage’s success, as it often ranks higher than love in terms of what’s most important.


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