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Nigerian men are never confused about what they want from women and relationships


I laugh whenever women say that Nigerian men are confused. These men are never confused. They always know what they want at different stages of their lives and they chase it until they get it.

Nigerian men are not confused about the kind of woman they want and they want from their relationships and marriages, it is women who have been conditioned to peel off layers of themselves just to please men at all costs.

Women are taught to please their husbands even if the men are treating them badly and disrespecting them. You will start hearing ‘pray for him to change’.

Women are taught to give up their life goals and dreams to build that of their husbands with the promise of enjoying life to the full when these men become successful. Yinmu.

Women are taught to dumb down themselves so that they won’t appear too smart and intelligent for men and so that they won’t scare men away. Lol.

Women are taught to care for men even the ones who abandoned them in their youth with children to care for only to return back to base when side chicks have finished their money and their p.e.n.i.s can no longer function.

Women are taught not to fight back when men are doing them dirty. They are advised to leave the matter to God. These women believe God will judge the men maltreating them, lol.


If as a woman in this country, you haven’t used your tongue to count your teeth and know that you are the only one you have and you are the only one who can help yourself when things go south, you are on a very long thing.

Dear woman, look out for own interests. Have a life outside your man. Cultivate beautiful relationships. Have a circle of like minded friends. Have your own money.

Have your own job or business that is registered on your name. Build your own life. Enjoy your life. Have fun. Go out. Exercise. Take care of yourself and your future. You matter also.

Don’t put your life on hold for a man. Don’t stop doing the things that make you happy because of husband. Don’t give up on yourself because you are playing the role of a ride or die chick for a man. E go shock you.


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