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10 things you should know about dating a Nigerian man  


Before you go into a relationship with a man from Nigeria, you have to know these 10 things listed below:

1. When it comes to dating you can see a Nigerian man being very passionate, this is due to the country’s culture where commitment and love is a way of life, This is why most Nigerian men date to get to the aisle in no distance time, because a typical Nigerian man is family-oriented so living happily ever-after is their end game.

2. What kind of women do Nigerian men want? Nigerian men love to marry women who fit their social status. They love it when they are seen with women who are classy and women who know how to dress and behave properly in public.

3. A Nigerian man that truly loves you will constantly remind you of his affection for you with little acts of kindness. Another important thing to note is that Nigerian men appreciate women who are independent and don’t make frequent demands. This is how you know when a Nigerian man loves you.

4. The truth is that Nigerian men can very demanding and domineering but they are very loving too, which makes the women submit naturally. So if you are looking out to date a Nigerian man you can when once you are willing to be a polite, humble and submissive partner. This is what to expect dating a Nigerian man.

5. As far as endearments go, ‘dear’ is one of the most commonly used ones by Nigerians generally. Usually if ‘dear’ is used on you by a Nigerian man, then chances are he just sees you as a friend and nothing more. But it could also be that he trying to take things slow. This is what it means when a Nigerian man calls you dear.

6. This belief of being the head and the need to protect his family makes Nigerian men tilt towards loving dependent women. They believe as the head of the family, their wives should be naturally submissive, dependent and be able to carry out tradition demands. This is why Nigerian men always love submissive women.

7. If you are planning to date a man from Nigeria, have it in mind that they always have problems with women they can’t control. They also don’t like financially independent women because they can’t whip these women into line or make them submit to them by force.


8. Men in Nigeria were mostly raised to rely on women to do things for them including cooking, cleaning and washing. Most Nigerian men depend on their women to clean up after them because they consider domestic chores women’s jobs. If you have no qualms with cleaning up after a man, date a Nigerian man.

9. When dating a Nigerian man you need to know that their culture makes them to be controlling, overbearing and paternalistic as such you need to be ready for a kind of subservient role. The Nigerian man believes it is a man world as such even in the dating scene they want to be in control.

10. No matter how busy he is, a Nigerian man that truly cares about you will make out time for you. Some Nigerian men are dating women living in other states but their partners rarely complain because they always make out time to be with them. This is how to know if a Nigerian man loves you.


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