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Celebrated Traveler Jessica Nabongo Becomes First Black Woman To Visit Every Country In The World


Celebrated Traveler Jessica Nabongo has now become the first Black woman to visit every country in the world. Now, the writer and photographer is giving fans a look at her exciting journey in her new book The Catch Me If You Can with National Geographic.

Nabongo, who has caught more than 450 flights around the globe, shares fascinating stories about her adventures and the diverse cultures she has encountered in the riveting piece. She also gives readers travel tips and shares her favorite must-see destinations.

According to the travel influencer’s Instagram, she quit her job almost “seven years ago” to become a full-time nomad, and has never looked back since.

The Nabongo List founder often encourages her dedicated fan base to “Dream BIG.”

During a recent interview with TMZ Live, Nabongo shared more about the locations that she absolutely “loved” visiting during her travels.

“There’s probably about 15 countries I’ve been to more than five times. Some of those are Senegal, Colombia, Cuba…Japan I lived in but I loved it so much.”

On the other hand, there were a few locations Jessica Nabongo said she could live without. What are they you ask?

“Never say never. But Belarus and Moldova. If I never go back again, would I be bothered? Probably not,” the serial traveller confessed. “It wasn’t bad. It was just like the people weren’t super warm. And for me, I really experience the country through the people. And so you know, it just was Alright.”

Typically, the U.S. government doesn’t allow American citizens to visit North Korea, but the Detroit-born Ugandan-American was able to use her Ugandan passport to visit the seemingly mysterious country. The cultural ambassador and entrepreneur said she was shocked when she finally stepped foot in East Asia.


“Honestly, the thing for me about North Korea is how normal it felt. Because you know, you saw children on field trips, you saw couples sitting in parks together. People riding their bikes down the street,” Nabongo said, before gushing about North Korea’s capital city.

“Now, of course, there are no advertisements or anything like that, but surprisingly, Pyongyang is a really colourful city, which people wouldn’t expect but Turkmenistan is what people think North Korea will be like, Turkmenistan felt really weird,” she added.


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