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10 Disadvantages Of Early Marriage Women Should Know


Child marriage is associated with higher rates of death resulting from childbirth, unwanted pregnancies, pregnancy termination and malnutrition in the offspring. Child marriage increases the risk of psychiatric disorders.

Nigerians need to know the disadvantages of marrying off a girl.

I know some people will argue that it is good for a girl to get married early so that she won’t turn into an old maid in the future.

But of what use is marrying off a baby when she doesn’t even understand what she’s getting into?

A lot of men go for teenage wives because they want wives they can easily manipulate, intimidate and control.

What purpose does it serve if the lives of young girls are being destroyed by controlling men in early marriages?

Here are some of the disadvantages of early marriage in Nigeria :

1. Early marriage has been linked to mental illness. These children suffer psychological abuse in their marriages.


2. Early marriage increases the risk of miscarriage.

3. Early marriage costs girls their education and future plans.

4. Girls who are married off early lack the maturity to take handle life’s many challenges.

5. Early marriage burdens girls with parental responsibilities they are not ready for.

6. Girls getting married early increases their chances of low leveled mental compatibility that destroy their lives.

7. Early marriage creates instability in the lives of young girls.

8. When girls get married early, there’s a tendency for them to divorce their husbands later on when they are wiser.

9. When girls get married early, they miss out on their lives as teenagers. They are forced to grow up fast and shoulder responsibilities that are too much for them.

10. The health implications of getting married early are not to be joked with.

With these disadvantages of early marriage, people should think twice before marrying off girls who need the love and guidance of their parents instead of tending to a man’s needs.

Girls should be left alone to grow, learn from their mistakes, mature and make decisions about their lives for themselves.

Parents should stop killing the dreams of their girls by marrying them off to men who end up treat them like possessions in most cases.

Bear these disadvantages of early marriage in mind the next time you want to claim it is better than marrying late.


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