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Katie Holmes Unveils Her Very Talented Daughter, Suri


Suri Cruise is stepping into the spotlight. In a July 26 interview with Yahoo! EntertainmentKatie Holmes revealed her daughter, Suri, whom she shares with Tom Cruise, sings in the actor’s new film, “Alone Together.”

“I always want the highest level of talent, so I asked her,” Holmes said, sharing that Suri sings a cover of “Blue Moon” that appears in the opening credits of “Alone Together,” a movie about two strangers forced to live together during the first weeks of Covid-19 lockdowns.

Holmes wrote, directed, and stars in the film. “Blue Moon,” originally written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934, was famously covered by Diane Keaton in the 2014 movie “And So It Goes,” and Holmes added that Suri has a connection to the song because Keaton “met my daughter when she was a year old.” It also doesn’t hurt that Holmes has long been a fan of the “Baby Boom” actor.

She also revealed that 16-year-old Suri sang in her film “Rare Objects,” which came out last fall, and praised her daughter’s vocal prowess.

“She’s very, very talented,” Holmes said. “She said she would do it, and she recorded it — and I let her do her thing. That’s the way I direct in general: it’s like, ‘This is what I think we all want — go do your thing.'”

Still, she emphasized that Suri still lives an ordinary life despite her Hollywood credentials, adding that “other than that, she’s a 16-year-old kid doing high school.”

Kate Noelle Holmes is an American actress. She first achieved fame as Joey Potter on the television series Dawson’s Creek. Holmes made her feature film debut in 1997 with a supporting role in Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm.

Katie said her decision to divorce Tom was based on several factors, but the “this” her loved ones referenced had to do with Tom’s apparent inability to evolve. As she put it, “You sit around and wait for someone to start behaving differently or act right.


Following her divorce from Cruise, Holmes returned to the Catholic Church and began attending St. Francis Xavier Church. From 2013 to 2019, Holmes was rumored to be in a relationship with actor and singer Jamie Foxx. Holmes dated chef Emilio Vitolo Jr from 2020 to 2021.


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