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Tyrese Gibson Is Done Dating Younger Women After Recent Breakup


Fast & Furious Actor, Tyrese Gibson has learned a major lesson after his most recent, hopeless relationship.

After his breakup with the influencer/entrepreneur Zelie Timothy, Tyrese took to Instagram to fire shots at his ex-girlfriend Timothy, calling her a “snake” and a “manipulator.”

The singer-turned-actor explained how he learned a crucial lesson about age disparity. However, Zelie Timothy indicated that she still misses him.

Regardless, the 43-year-old made it crystal clear he has no desire to go back with the 25-year-old.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the singer expressed himself writing, “Although the majority of my album entitled #BeautifulPain is about my ex-wife and this divorce that has turned into a grueling 2 years the smiles and energy and vibrations you brought into my life will never ever be overlooked…”

He then goes on the say, “I have learned a very big lesson here and that’s 43 year olds shouldn’t try and connect to or relate to 25 year olds it’s like OIL and WATER…. It just doesn’t mix… I guess I’m really out here GROWN GROWN and tryna keep up with these youngsters is not my life or my world…..”

Following that post he also wrote, “Although it was one of your biggest fears and insecurities, I still don’t want her back, I don’t wanna see her, I haven’t seen her, and don’t want anything to do with her other [than] her being an amazing co-parent to our daughter…” in regards to his ex-wife.

Since then influencer Zelie posted “God knows my heart”on her Instagram story. Followed by reposting a quote written by Maria Consiglio that reads, “A narcissist’s pattern is to move on to someone new who does not know the games they play. Rather than changing themselves, they change their partner and do it all again.”


Zelie Timothy is a model, social media influencer, host, and businesswoman. She is also the girlfriend of singer and actor Tyrese Gibson. With high-profile modeling and hosting gigs and her relationship with Tyrese, Zelie is has crashed into the limelight. Zelie is a private person despite being in the public eye.


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