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10 Characteristics Of Mentally Strong Women


This world is made up of many incredible women who are mentally strong to take up space without apologies. It is important to note that amazing changes are being made by women who recognize their importance.

Being a mentally strong woman is not about how beautiful you look everyday. It is not about being popular, and it’s not about earning the most money. It is about your ability to withstand the curve balls life throws at you without breaking.

Being a mentally strong woman in this society where a woman is told  what to do means setting good examples for other women by refusing to give to unhealthy societal expectations as well as taking good care of yourself at the same time.

Women have the strength not to give up within them and it is very important that they do not forget this. When you are going through rough times, such as depression and anxiety, or simply need to remember how awesome you are, don’t forget these 10 characteristics of mentally strong women listed below:


1. True to Yourself

Mentally strong women are completely and totally true to themselves. There is no need to change oneself to satisfy others, and they do not need to change to impress others. Showing that they are comfortable with the lives they have been given is a major part of being true to themselves. These women don’t bend over backwards to please society or other people especially if it goes against their authentic self.


2. Confident

Confidence is a huge part of being mentally strong. Being confident is a great sign of self-love, and it helps women stay away from comparing themselves to other women. Self confidence makes you happy in your skin and gives you peace. Being confident is a great comfort. As a woman, you can always go the extra mile by sharing your confidence with others, but don’t forget that being confident is a personal accomplishment.



3. Optimistic & Positive

Mentally strong women see the glass as half full and not half empty. They bring good vibes with them everywhere they go. It may not always be possible to display optimism and positivity at all times, but mentally strong women do their best to keep a growth mindset as often as they can. Their brightness greatly impacts other women’s moods as well.


4. Productive

Mentally strong women want to feel accomplished. These women spend time on worthy causes and important matters just to stimulate their minds and be useful. Such mentally alert women are constantly asking, “What else can I fit into my day?” This is a good way of thinking, but it is also very important to take breaks, breathe, and not to get overwhelmed.


5. Go-Getter

Being a go-getter means putting dreams into action. It is envisioning great opportunities in the future. When women envision positive outcomes, they are more likely to achieve those visions. Their minds thrive on creative and critical thinking. When women chase their dreams and work to make their powerful thoughts a wonderful reality, this is a real definition of being a go-getter.

6. Caring

Mentally strong women take care of themselves, while also caring for others. It is necessary for women to develop positive relationships with themselves. They first need to be happy and content with themselves before they can take good care of others. Women who practice the concept of being kind are the happiest. They feel good about themselves and they make other women comfortable in their own skin. Women are at their best when they are caring and loving individuals.


7. Stand Up for What You Believe In

When women who are strong mentally believe something is wrong in the society, they speak up! Mentally strong women do not watch others get bullied. Instead, they take action. These women advocate for themselves and for others by displaying courage and strength in their everyday lives. In doing this, their positivity rubs off on others.


8. Fearless

Mentally strong women face their fears, problems, and issues. They tackle them head on, and don’t run away from them. We all run into different fears throughout our lives, but it is how we handle them that will determine if we are being mentally strong. We all have it in us to face our fears, but sometimes we don’t know how to do so but slowing down and taking a step back can help women face their fears.


9. Not Phased By What Other People Say

People make mistakes and say hurtful things at times, but a mentally strong woman can overcome the haters by ignoring those comments. Ignoring these messages is difficult, but it is possible. Women are strong don’t feel defined by others, so they must learn to not be phased by the negativity that other people might bring into their lives.


10. Proud

When women pride in themselves, there are not being egotistical. Women deserve to feel proud of themselves and their accomplishments. Women also deserve to share our pride moments without being told to be humble and meek. A mentally strong woman remains respectful when feeling excited and proud. They do not feel the need to make others feel less important in the process.


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