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Jealous Boyfriend Jumps Off Cliff, Drags Girlfriend With Him To Death


A jealous boyfriend has jumped off a cliff and also dragged his girlfriend along with him while they were celebrating with friends at a birthday party.

Selcuk Cetinar, 41, and Mehlika Derici, 35, were out drinking at their friend’s birthday get-together at a restaurant in Turkey.

They continued drinking as they ventured to viewpoint Asiklar Tepesi, also known as Lovers’ hill. They were joined by birthday girl Merve, 32, and her partner Arda Tolunay.

But the romantic evening took a sinister turn when an argument, fuelled by jealousy, broke out between the pair.

According to the other couple, Cetiner pushed Mehlika to the ground before the two picked her back up.

He then allegedly shouted, “If we die, we die together.”

Before Mehlika could react, Cetiner clasped his arms around her waist and hurled himself off the cliff, taking her with him.

They were found dead at the scene.


In May, a jealous man identified as Ben was accused of killing Maria Ali, and whom he dated for 10 years before being dumped.

All, who had a child with the suspect, was said to have dumped him after meeting another man, one Victor, who promised to marry her.


According to the deceased’s elder sister Cecilia Ene, who narrated how she was found dead, despite the separation of the 31-year-old mother of one from the suspect, the latter visited her apartment to assault her on several occasions.

Her words: “Maria (Ali) was my younger sister. She left Ben after she met another man who wanted to marry her. She rented her own apartment at Maraba, where she was living.


“On Sunday, May 22, 2022, Ben came to her apartment around 5pm when her new lover visited and demanded that she should tell him to take his leave.


“She refused and did not allow him inside. They were talking outside the house before he lured her into his car for further discussion.


“As soon as they got inside the car, he locked the doors and threatened her with a gun, saying he would kill her if she refused to ask her new lover to leave.


“The next day, Monday, May 23, Ben called me to come to a hospital in Karu around 8.30pm to see the dead body of my sister.


“When I asked Ben what happened to her, he said he didn’t know.The doctor on duty told us that someone brought her to the hospital in the afternoon.


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