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Facebook user Ijeoma Chinonyerem drags former bestie Nsikak Effiong (3)


Ijeoma Chinonyerem has revealed how she supported her former bestie Nsikak Effiong in her business without getting the same support from her.


She wrote:

“This is someone I basically started a business for. From the name to picking the goods to everything.

She initially wanted to do fashion. I told her instead of going into fashion, do this home decor thing since you’re already giving out tips. Forced her into it. Told her about 1688. Kept on hammering and shouting and sending voice notes.
Helped her fix prices. When competitors messaged her inbox, I told her to tell them she was starting the business herself so they won’t stock up and sell before her.
When shipping money went up, she came and started complaining about that I brought her bad luck. That I forced her to do a business she bin no wan do. That it’s all my fault. That once she sells it off she won’t restock again. That I have tied her money.
I felt so sad. It’s my fault for seeing a viable business and instead of doing it myself, I told her to do it. Even gingered her to register it.
I still went ahead to tell her to stop buying abroad and start buying from Lagos markets. That way she can keep selling without the custom wahala. She agreed and started doing that. Yet every small obstacle she’ll start saying that I brought her bad luck and tied her money and she’s tired.
As if she doesn’t know businesses face wahala once once.
Upon all this, never for once did she tell anyone I helped her with the business or with anything. None of her friends knew that Ijeoma had a hand in the business or Ijeoma set it up or helped in anyway. All she tells them is Ijeoma is evul. Ijeoma disandat.
Na me help make sales posts, fix prices, by 12 midnight this girl will call and wake me from sleep to come fix price for her. Everything!
Everything she sells I buy. I support. I give shout out. I try to think of ways to make it better.
She has never reciprocated. She has never brought up a business idea or something to help finances. It’s just slander against A/B/C.
It’s to be going up and down lying about me to everyone. In fact, lying about everyone to everyone.
You said you give me stuff. Nsikak name one thing you have given me. Me that onwe m juru m afo. Na you dey collect. From asking for money to asking for pizza to asking for shortbread, to cartons of disandat this and that. I do all. Some without you asking.
Have I ever asked you for pure water ya fodu? Have you ever in any way helped my business? It’s discouraging people from patronizing me that you do.
The only time you’re ever given me a shout out was when I paid 10k for it. I fvcking paid for it. After that time never. But I’m steadily hands on when it comes to you. I make posts about you and your businesses Free of charge.
Coming to say I badmouthed you to whom?
Kai. Someone that when I lost my mum, my eldest cousin who knows Nsikak is my friend (and whom I got to patronize Nsikak on several occasions) messaged her and asked her if she knows anyone that could stay with me so I don’t hurt myself. Nsikak insulted this my cousin and blocked her. A woman that is over 7 years my senior. My own blood. Her own customer.


Just for asking if she knows anyone that could stay with me during my time of hurt. And you are here forming “oh she hurt me when I was mourning”.
What did you not do to me?
All the people that were talking about you yesterday you no get energy to face them. Na me wey no make post since that day you wan gather energy.
You’ve been saying it that dragging me on Facebook go dey easy cos people people will support anyone that drags me cos they don’t like me. Na wetin give you this courage.
The number of people you’ve hurt will haunt you. You think it’s just me? Me wey don move on? The number of people who have been crying and coming to my inbox and calling themselves to say you did them this or that will haunt you Nsikak. From your friends to people I don’t even know.
All the collective heartache you’ve caused people will not depart from you and yours. Your reward is here on earth. So better get ready for it.”

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