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Mother who sells akara joyfully signs on daughter’s shirt as she graduates from the university


A joyous mother neatly appended her signature ‘Iya Alakara‘ on her daughter’s shirt as she graduates from the university.

A video making rounds on social media captured the emotional moment a fresh graduate approached her mother for a signature – a tradition common with students on the day of signing off from the academic premises.

To celebrate with her daughter, the mother collected a blue marker and signed her name, Iya Alakara – bean cake seller – on the daughter’s white shirt with a smile on her face.

Below are some lovely reactions from Tiktok users:

@Kweenliquor said:
“Her writing sef fine pass some bankers or engineers.”

@Amina Hussaini722 reacted:
“I will do this with joy for my kids inshallah.”

@keren happuch said:
“POV: Her writing is better than mine!”

@Diamond Stone reacted:
Wow her handwriting better pass my own self.”


@Faith Williams said:
“Tears dropped don’t know why.”

@Kagan reacted: “So beautiful to watch!!! Thank you for making her proud!!!”

@Soniah said:
“I love it. A tear dropped.”


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