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Michelle Obama Warns Paparazzi To Fall Back From Bothering Her Daughters


The former first lady, Michelle Obama, has urged the paparazzi to stop harassing her two daughters, Sasha, 21, and Malia, 24. Obama asked the press to understand that her daughters aren’t clamoring for attention.

Sasha and Malia, who presently live in Los Angeles together, are constantly being followed by paparazzi, Obama said in an interview with People.

She underlined that her daughters are neither influencers nor social media celebrities to have the paparazzi leave them alone. “They are not social media stars,” she reassured the outlet.

Obama disclosed the girls had been the target of intense stalking after the release of her book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times.

On Nov. 15, Michelle began her book tour with a stop in the nation’s capital.

“It is hard for me to delve too deeply, for example, into the lessons I’ve learned as a parent because I’m trying to protect the privacy of my girls,” she admitted.

Michelle Obama

“You have to pull back on how much you share about their lives and how much you put them back out in the public eye because they’re not looking for the attention,” she said.


“They are not looking to be followed by the paparazzi just because their mom wrote a book. And I hope the media hears me when I am saying this,” said the former first lady.

“They are not seeking the light,” she said, adding that her daughters had read and approved the sections of the book that were written about them.

In 2018, she released a memoir titled Becoming, so this new book is her second.

According to The Associated Press, more than 17 million copies of Becoming have been purchased worldwide, making it the bestselling book of all time among past first ladies and modern presidents.

Speaking about her new book The Light, We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, Obama clarified what readers could expect.

“I wrote the book for anyone who feels a little isolated, or frustrated, or overwhelmed by all crises we are seeing in the news and on social media — from the pandemic that shut down our world to the murder of George Floyd to ongoing attacks on our democracy.

There’s no denying that we’ve all felt a little lost or untethered,” Obama told People.


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