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“It might be your last chance” Actress Uche Ebere advises women without jobs to ignore advisers telling them not to marry until they make money


Nollywood Actress Uche Ebere has advised women against waiting until they have a source of income before getting married.

The actress opposed advisers who tell women they have no business getting married if they do not have a source of income, so that they can have something to fall back on in case of marital emergencies.

Reacting to this particular relationship advice, Uche told women to get married if they have a suitor, even if they do not have jobs.

Uche Ebere said a woman can still get a job when she is  married or start something so that she can begin to earn her own money because that present suitor might be her only chance at getting married.

Families always believe it is a sign of respect for their daughter to get married. “When a girl gets married, it earns her family respect and shows the family has raised their daughter well.”

Look for a partner who treats others the way that they want to be treated. A person who has a kind character is more likely to treat you with care and respect. A partner who is thoughtful, empathetic, and compassionate is more likely to take the time to try and understand how other people are feeling. This is the type of man a woman should marry.

People can live their entire lives in unhappy marriages. Singles can enjoy many other aspects of life besides marriage such as friendships, hobbies, and career. And if someone isn’t happy at the outset, getting married isn’t a panacea that will automatically create a happy person.


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