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“We women are our own problem truly” -Reality TV star, Venita Akpofure says


Reality TV star, Venita Akpofure, has said that women are truly the problems of other women because of the way they attack one another.


In a tweet shared online today, the mother of two stated that she was bashed a while back for berating women who came online to drag their exes.


She pointed out that months after a male figure came online to also condemn this act and that women in the majority are applauding him. She said the disparity in reaction shows that ”women are truly their own problems.”


Venita Akpofure tweeted:

“I said something a month ago about “draggin” exes thru the mud. I was considered a man sympathizer. Another public figure came out and says something almost identical. Mind you he is male. The women applauding the statement are plenty.


In conclusion, we women are our own problem truly. AND I, Venita Akpofure will never mince my words for any other person. If u sabi Oxford English then u go sabi. If not, it’s not really my problem. Misunderstand at the cost of ur own emotions and MB.”





Venita Akpofure


Though most women h@te to admit it, they still judge each other on looks, age, physical appearance, social status and s£x appeal. This is terrible, but true. Most women are relieved when another woman is not more attractive than they are.


The argument goes that it’s really women who hold each other back, because most of us are petty, jealous and can’t stand seeing other women succeed. Women rarely admit, acknowledge, commend, compliment or celebrate the successes of their fellow women the way they would of a man.



So, what’s at the root of this unhealthy rivalry? Why do relationships between women often turn sour?Why are women so critical and almost cruel to their own s£x? Why don’t we support another woman when she is discriminated against?


Why do women continue to discriminate against their daughters and other women in the family, at the work place, and even in Church? As bosses, why don’t we mentor our female employees and as employees why don’t we support female bosses?


One reason could be that women have been conditioned to accept the patriarchal view of things – that is, women need to be put down, bullied and discriminated against. So unconsciously or sub consciously, we do the same.


Most women are cru£l and vicious with other women, but not with men. This is because they accept that men should not be criticized. They believe that men have the right to their idiosyncrasies, follies and defects and so they make excuses for them while they condemn women who do the same thing.


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