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Mom of 23 reveals she had 21 babies by surrogates within one year and has 16 live-in nannies


Kristina is a 23-year-old mother from Russia who has taken to social media stating that she wants to have over 100 kids.

At the age of 23, Kristina already has 21 babies but hopes to have dozens more with her wealthy hotel-owning husband, Galip Ozturk.

It should be noted the couple is living in Batumi, Georgia, a coastal town where it is legal to have children through surrogate mothers. This town is also where the couple met.

At the time, Ozturk was a single mom who desperately needed a break to reset. Kristina went to Batumi and, of course, met her now-husband Galip Ozturk.

She is so easy to be with always has a smile on her lips and yet at the same time is shy and mysterious. 

She was the kind of wife I always wanted for myself, an uncut diamond where I saw what a pure and kind heart she had,” Galip shares about his wife.


Fast forward to today, this married couple now have 21 babies, mostly through surrogate mothers.

Kristina wanted a big family early on, and after discussing this with her husband, he was all on board. After the couple decided to have as many children as possible, they decided it may be the better course of action to hire surrogate mothers who can take some strain off her body.

The clinic in Batumi chooses surrogate mothers for us and takes full responsibility for the process,” Ozturk explained“We are not personally acquainted with surrogate mothers and do not have direct contacts with them in order to avoid problems after pregnancy.


Kristina had taken to her social media accounts, declaring that she’s intended to have 105 kids with her husband.

However, she clarified that she wants to have many children, but 105 was just a random number she threw out there.


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