Kim Kardashian Pays Off Legal Fees for More Than 50 Moms On Mother’s Day

Reality TV star and mom of four, Kim Kardashian paid it forward on Mother’s Day by helping some mothers in need.

The reality star, 42, partnered with Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin — who is a co-chair on the board of REFORM Alliance, an organization that works to transform probation and parole policies throughout the U.S. — to pay off the legal fees for more than 50 mothers across the country.

Their fees, which accumulated after the women were placed on probation or parole, can pose a significant challenge for the progress they can make and the opportunities they can offer their children.

Each of the women who received payments have a demonstrated track record of rehabilitation and success while they are on supervision, and many have the support of their supervising officers to terminate the supervision. The only barrier to that freedom is the outstanding financial obligations.

“Thousands of mothers are stuck on probation or parole just because they can’t afford to pay off their restitution, fines, and fees,” Kardashian wrote on Instagram. “While on probation they are at constant risk of being returned to prison or jail — not for committing a new crime but for technical violations like missing a meeting with their probation officer.”

By paying off the remaining restitution for the several dozen mothers selected, Kardashian and Rubin, 50, hope to “give these women the second chance they’ve earned.”

In a video shared on Instagram and TikTok, Kardashian, Rubin and Jessica Jackson from the REFORM Alliance met and chatted with three of the mothers selected to receive the payments: Danielle, Drew and Tarlexus. They each expressed their deep gratitude for the unburdening.


“This is going to take a lot of stress off me financially, mentally, and I really appreciate you guys,” Tarlexus said after being told her legal fees would be taken care of.

Drew told Kardashian and Rubin, “This is actually not just making a difference. This is life changing. I don’t even know where to begin to express my gratitude. I’m going to do so much with this newfound freedom.”

Rubin, a former co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, founded REFORM Alliance in 2019 with Meek MillJAY-Z, and fellow business figures Michael Novogratz, Clare Wu Tsai and Daniel Loeb.

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