“Why I date 18-year-old girls and break up with them before they turn 24” — Skit maker, De General

Nigerian skit-maker,Sunday Joshua, better known as De General, has revealed why he only dates ladies between the age bracket of 18 and 24.

In a video circulating on social media, De General, who is known for carrying a suitcase in his skits, explained that he dates 18-year-old ladies and breaks up with them before they clock 24 because, by that age, they often begin to put pressure on him for marriage.

According to him, once women cross the age of 24, they tend to put undue pressure on men to settle down, which is he why he chooses younger women.

As expected, his revelation has sparked mixed reactions on social media, with many criticizing him.

@duchess said; “Are we going to pretend that this guy is not a pedophile? What am I even saying? There are men who do the same thing just to control and manipulate young girls. They deceive these girls with marriage talks and then dump them. Others marry teenage girls and mess up their lives with their evil intentions.

@obiokoko wrote, “Unnecessary, childish and low IQ post. If not for skit, many of these guys heads empty. The way the lips be na so him just Dey use am bla bla anyhow. PHILIP wey no SHARP. ????”

@kenepisode1 wrote, “Very big foooooool.. ones they have small change (money) they start doing silly things.. He is obviously looking for naive girls he can manipulate.. #anuofia”

@thecanemakers wrote, “Why do I feel this video is disgusting ????. Ladies pls let no man demean you, check your Bibles, God didn’t place any age limits on you. Live your life full. Be true to yourself. Enjoy living and loving my darlings ❤️”


@ab_phill wrote, “He is obviously looking for young and naive girls to manipulate.”

@Brendaaa wrote, “It is annoying how dvmb misogynists can wake up and start exposing themselves and people will support them. This is a sick society. 

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