Why do many Nigerian women fake orgasms?

Many Nigerian women fake orgasms. These women don’t know what it truly means to be sexually satisfied. They don’t experience the leg-shaking, body-quaking, sensational pleasure that orgasms provide.

And when you freely talk about having orgasms, they look at you like you are talking about an abomination. The worst hit in the business of not enjoying orgasms are the religious women who see sex, discussions about sex as well as enjoying sex as a sin.

These women have been faking it for so long that their men don’t even know they have fared after supposedly taking their women on an ecstasy trip.

The orgasm is not only physically powerful for women, but also psychologically powerful for men, which is not surprising. When it comes to issues in the bedroom, a man will feel more like a man if he knows he can satisfy a woman’s sexual needs.

Of course, women know this, and realize the importance of boosting a man’s confidence in the field of lovemaking, even when they are not satisfied. Orgasm equals sexual satisfaction equals an enhanced relationship. Hence, women often act out fake orgasms.

Here are some of the reasons women fake that ecstasy cries and moans of pleasure:

Women want to please their partner

You know how a guy will often say that if he can bring a woman to orgasm, it not only turns him on to watch the pleasure he brings his partner, but also brings him closer to his own climax as well. Since a woman is always looking to please her man, faking an orgasm will put a smile on his face, and boost his ego at the same time.

When she is not in the mood

Sad but true; sometimes women really are not in the mood and just want to get it over with. Again, so as not to bruise her man’s ego, the woman will simply act out a fake orgasm in order to give her partner pleasure.

Pain is not always good

Although some people get aroused when there is some level of pain during sex, not all pain is good pain. If a woman is experiencing pain or discomfort during intercourse, it could be an indication that something is medically wrong. Nevertheless, she may simply fake it to bring things to an end more quickly rather than say something and spoil her mate’s enthusiasm.

But some Nigerians also lent their voices to why many women fake orgasms and see nothing wrong with it:

Grace Eno: I see no reason I shouldn’t tell my man he didn’t sexually satisfy me

Pretence should not be condoned among married couples. Women are meant to enjoy sex just as men do. I don’t see any reason why one should not tell her man the truth about what gives her pleasure and excitement. My husband and I discuss sex and sexual positions anytime and it gives us the boost we need to please each other the more.

 Chiamaka Maduka Prince: Women who fake orgasms, hate themselves

Most women who indulge in faking orgasms, hate themselves. She added that because most couples don’t discuss sex, telling their man what thrills them in the bedroom becomes a huge task and they continue to die in silence.

Sexual frustration is a killer. It makes women age but when they are not willing to embrace their stake in bedroom matters. They see themselves as objects of sexual satisfaction for him. It’s all about him and they will fake to make him feel good. I have a very stressful job and demanding life and one therapy that works wonder on me is lights out healing performed by my therapists husband.

Felicia Peters: Women must learn the language of good sex and apply it

Women fake orgasms because many men abandon the act of foreplay. They don’t know how to thrill their women before the act of sex itself and the woman fakes orgasm just to end a boring session with a man keen on satisfying himself alone.

Some women cannot invite their hubby when they feel like making love; it is unhealthy for any marriage. Women must learn the language of sex and the slangs that go with them too. There’s nothing wrong in taking the lead and initiating sex with your husband.

Akinsanya Olajide: Women are not helping their unions by deceiving their men with fake orgasms
I hear that a lot of women do this just to make their man feel he’s doing good. Otherwise, he may feel somewhat incapable. But every woman should be free with her man. Tell him exactly how you feel so he can know and improve next time. Knowing he isn’t really wowing you makes him spend time and effort to impress you.

Women aren’t helping by deceiving their men in the bedroom. Don’t be shy. Find a way to tell him you aren’t reaching your peak. Every man wants to be his woman’s thriller. If he isn’t thrilling you and you are making him feel he is, you are not helping him achieve his goal.

Many men don’t even know their wives need more of them in the bedroom. They feel their wives don’t like sex, and this comes from women not talking or acting real. He’s your husband. Why are you hiding the truth about your sexual feelings from him?

Be your man’s wife, friend, babe, chic and if possible his bitch. If men really love bitches then he will be your man who gives you all the thrills you deserve including multiple orgasms.

Jumoke Adeosun: Tell your husband where you want to be touched and how you want to be touched

Orgasm is a very sweet and heavenly experience but sadly not all women will get it but every woman can if she works towards it passionately.

How many men genuinely know how to work their women into getting a rhythmic orgasm? It’s not about humping but about clitoria stimulation. If carefully fondled, the clitoris will generate a volcanic spasm in your woman, men take note.

How many men are willing to get involved in foreplay and set their woman’s body right before penetration? If the woman is being humped and banged furiously, she will fake an orgasm to rescue her down below from fire. Rushing in and rushing out of her will only make a woman feel used, hence the deceit, so they can get it over with.

Men should not be in a haste to get in and hump away, she’s yours, breathe and enjoy her sexuality with caresses and kisses. Slow, sweet and steamy works great wonders for some women, find out what suits your spouse, get informed and be willing to explore her body.

Men should let go of ego when it comes to sex and find their woman’s G-Spot. Finding her G-Spot and pleasuring her therein will sure give her multiple orgasms. Love making is not a one way thing, as women are not instruments of selfish pleasure, women love to climax too.
Most women were brought up to view sex as dirty, some are content just pleasuring their men while suffering for it and burning with desire. Women should be enlightened and strive to open their hearts, minds, heads, ears, eyes, and their legs to learn how to skillfully enjoy sex with their men. Communication is key to maintaining a healthy sex life between couples.

Tell your husband where you want to be touched, how you want to be touched, when you want it, ask for it when you need it and it’s all yours. Men love to be asked, use any opportunity to thrill him in bed. If your hubby is firing the wrong missiles, be bold to tell him to stop and assist him to re-fire in the right direction. It takes two to get there.

Helen Chike: I have not experienced orgasm with my husband for years

I have not experienced orgasm with my husband. I have been married for eight years, and I don’t know what it is. I don’t bother faking as my husband is only interested in himself once he cums, that’s it, he climbs down and starts snoring. I only make sure he is satisfied in bed.

John Nwadu: I won’t take it lightly with any woman who fools me in bed with fake orgasms

Many married women do not even know what the experience feels like. Some marriages have crashed as a result of lack of sexual enjoyment. Some women have only heard of orgasm and have not experienced it. Where such a woman now decides to experiment with another man and she experiences it, you can imagine what would happen next.

Men are performance driven creatures. They like to be challenged to perform. When you tell him how you want it in bed, you will be shocked how different he becomes soon after

Women don’t have to fake it. I feel it’s not a very smart thing to do because you lose ecstasy and he gains pleasure. Why not let him know so he can improve and the match will be even next time? I won’t take it lightly with any woman fooling me in bed with fake orgasms. It is deceit.


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