No matter what you do, people will still criticize you

No matter what you do, people will criticize you. So just live your life anyways.

Many people silently want you to be just like them. They want you to be:

As normal as them
As frustrated as them
As unhappy as them
As angry as them
As trapped as them
As confused as them
As lost as them
As miserable as them
As stagnant as them
As fearful as them

Any attempt to be anything other than who and what they want you to be, you are fake according to their dictionary of misery.

Misery sure loves company. But the fact that you are fearful, unhappy, stagnant, normal and confused, doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t live their lives.

Go out of your comfort zone. Try something different. Work deliberately to achieve your life’s goals. Leave people alone to live their lives. Be happy with others.

Stop envying other people who have and enjoy the many things you desire in your life. That is witchcraft. You don’t need to fly at night only to be a witch.


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