Enlarge your butt and these things will happen to you

Many women pay so much attention to their breasts and butt, not just because they are vital body parts, but also because these sexual organs are central to them feeling attractive.

Some women believe that the bigger the breasts and butt, the better attention they get from men. Some married women believe it would increase their husbands’ desire for sex. They believe that men are moved by what they see.

Although some women do it because they are not comfortable with the size of their natural breasts and butts which may be too small, others engage in this fad just to boost their self confidence level and feel attractive to men.

But some health professionals insist that the side effects of breast and butt implants surpass the positive sides and if women don’t experience them now, then they might experience them in the future.

What women use for breasts and butt enlargement

Some women use breast enlargement creams to enlarge their breasts while others go for surgery but either way, these processes have their own side effects.

According to Dr. Stanley Umezue, a plastic surgeon in Lagos who specializes in breast and butt enhancement procedures, “It is just not possible to reap such generous benefits from a topical cream. To my knowledge, there is no credible scientific evidence that these creams penetrate further than the outermost levels of the dermis.”

Umezue noted that some breast enlargement creams can cause a burning sensation and tension which can make the user outgrow their bras in matter of time. If they continue to use the cream, it can make things worse.

“The user’s breasts might start feeling numb and skin feeling too soft. This is because most of these creams are made with chemicals that are harmful to the body, and can change the size and shape of the breasts without remedy.”

health implications of breast and butt implants

Side effects of breasts and butt enlargement

A health practitioner, Dr. Osita Okoro said that some of the side effects of breast enlargement include chronic breast pain, breasts and nipple numbness, hardened or misshapen breasts, capsular contracture, scar tissues, and anesthesia risk.

Okoro noted that the addition of Bouvine extract to the breast can lead to the formation of breast milk which increases the level of the prolactin hormone.

“And the effects are irregular menstruation, infertility, low libido, increased risk of stroke. The estrogen in these creams may cause the breast tissue to retain water, which makes the breasts seem larger, Okoro said.”

Some women use breast enlargement pills containing some form of estrogens which can be harmful for infants of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Going through surgery for breast enlargement is not only an expensive procedure, but it is essential to know that the results are not guaranteed. After surgery, recovery time is needed to help the cut heal.

Okoro said that there are also possible risks and complications that women should be aware of. Breast implants can cause temporal pains, swelling and bruising, feeling of tightness in the chest, and hardening of the breast tissue due to scar tissue shrinking around the implant.

If the breast implants are removed and not replaced, the breast may appear puckered, saggy and dimply. Breast implants may potentially interfere with breast feeding because breast tissue and milk producing glands are manipulated during the procedure.

According to Okoro, “There can be surgical risks, anesthesia risks, chronic breast pain, breast or nipple numbness, capsular contracture, scar tissue, and bacteria which can be released from implant into the body. Breast implant can endanger a woman’s life.”

health implications of breast implants

Butt enlargement procedures and side effects

Dr. Okoro said that some women who do butt enlargement sometimes use hip enlargement creams while others go for butt implants just to increase the fat deposition of their body to their hips and buttocks.

When you rub the cream into your skin, it absorbs it and then start circulating throughout your body. Therefore, these creams do not influence one area of your body only.

According to Okoro, the ingredients move to your liver and then start circulating in your bloodstream. Women who use butt enlargement creams may start experiencing weight gain, headaches, cold hands and feet, bloating, difficulties with memory, mood swings, irregular menstrual periods and low sex drive, stretch marks, and hormonal imbalance.

Some women also use butt enlargement pills that contain organics and chemical ingredients for boosting the size of their butts and hips. There are several side effects of butt and hips enhancement pills which can lead to complications and life threatening side effects.

“Some of these side effects are hair loss and baldness, hirsutism (excessive body hair on body parts where hair is normally absent or minimal), insomnia, anxiety and depression, stated Okoro.”

Augmentation is a plastic surgery involving an in depth procedure and or the placement of implants below or over the muscles of the buttocks in order to enhance its shape, size and appeal.

According to Okoro, the surgery involves inserting silicone implants either subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The patient can experience some bruising, swelling, discomfort, numbness or an irregularity in one side of the buttocks.

This happens because of the fat is taken from another location on the body and is then processed, purified and injected back into the buttocks.

However, a percentage of the fat will not survive and the rejected fat becomes reabsorbed into the body which can leave the patient with a disproportionate appearance and the patient will require an additional procedure to rectify the issue.

Okoro said another side effect of butt implants is that the patient might also witness capsular contracture which is a hardening of the scar tissue around the implant. Capsular contracture is one of the biggest side effects of implants and can very painful or unsightly and unusual results in the removal of the implant. Patient may experience other side effects like bleeding, nerve damage or muscle damage, dry mouth and respiratory issues.

While breast and butt enlargement works for some people, it doesn’t mean it will work for everybody. While the positive aspect is getting more attention from the opposite sex, women should also take into account some of the negative effects of breasts and butt enlargement.




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