Grieving woman calls out late sister’s husband for causing her death (5)

After she died, you asked to allow you bury her in Abuja so she can be close to you, like she doesn’t have a place of origin. We refused and insisted her body be taken to her homeland, why would you want her close to you in death when you neglected her when she was alive? cos tradition and common sense demands that any woman married and maltreated is expected to go back to her father’s house, dead or alive.

You left and came back another day with another set of people and you people said your King requested for her body to be buried in Auchi, claiming she has been made a princess and therefore she must be buried in your home town.

Woman calls out late sister’s husband for causing her death

A princess? How did that come about since we never knew you to be a prince? You claimed your King during your visit to the village, made her a princess. Where in the world is a coronation ceremony done without the person’s family? None of us were notified, nothing like that happened otherwise she would have told us. All we saw were pictures you took with the king in the palace. Nothing to show that any coronation took place. We eventually concluded that her body be taken home, everyone agreed and a date for burial was fixed.

You didn’t accompany the body home, rather you sent someone, even refused to release the death certificate when my uncle going with the ambulance requested for it, we know the drama you acted that day. You were more concerned about tendering the death certificate at my sister’s workplace probably to claim gratuity, you finally gave us a falsified one, we rejected it and it was changed.

You went about calling people, telling all sort of lies, trying to jam people’s head upandan. Even called a co-son-inlaw telling him to be weary of us since he isn’t Igbo, claiming we are doing these because you are not Igbo. Like how many of us are even married to Igbos? You even lied you attended the burial, flashing pictures of someone you know at the burial. Pictures taken by your spies.


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