The best decision Toke Makinwa took this year was fixing her body

Toke Makinwa has revealed that the best decision she took this year was fixing her body. While children of anger and busybodies on social media were quick to judge her and her appearance, they forget that they have no business telling a grown woman how to live her life.

A woman has the right to change what she wants in her body. She has the right to feel good about herself and if you have a problem with that then you need to take a hard and long look at your life.

You may be angry at yourself for not being as bold as the woman you are beefing. You may be trying to unleash your own insecurities on someone who has successfully conquered hers. At the end of the day, it’s her life not yours, so face your front.

Let’s go back to Toke Makinwa. A few months back, she was in the news after she started flaunting her body which she enhanced during one of her trips abroad. Trust sanctimonious Nigerians to go crazy on her with their bitter words yet they sleep and wake up on her social media accounts whenever she does cash and gifts giveaways.

the best decision Toke Makinwa took this year

Today, in a series of tweets, Toke Makinwa revealed that she had always hated her body and that one of the best decisions she took in 2018 was fixing her body. How I love women who know what they want and go for it without waiting for society’s approval.

According to her, “This year, I stopped complaining and changed things. I hated my body, I fixed it! I hated hanging around certain people who made me feel small, I dropped them. I learnt to forgive (I still struggle but it’s a journey). I learnt to be at peace.”

“This year, I learnt to accept things for what they are. Some people come into your life to play a role. I call them travelers. When their job is done, let them go. Top trying to make permanent what is temporal. You will lose the beauty of it all, Toke Makinwa said.”

She added that this year, she tried to give love a chance again. I keep my fingers crossed for her on this one. May she find love again and not make mistakes.


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