Health tips women over 40 should embrace

There are health tips women over 40 should embrace. It is important for them to know how to stay fit and healthy after the hit 40.

Women may feel fabulous at 40 but there are subtle changes going on in their bodies that will impact their lives when the next decade comes.

Here are some health tips women should embrace to ensure they remain fit and healthy throughout their forties.

Enjoys hours of sleep

As you get older, the pressure of everyday life increases. It is important to change the sleep pattern to at least seven hours a day to enhance the immune system and recover from exercise and activity had during the course of the day.

Go for regular check-ups
After 40, health checks really start to count for women. Tick off the essential checks such as an eye test, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, mammogram and cervical smear.

Keep stress at bay

Stress can trigger unhealthy changes in a woman’s body such as increased blood pressure and lower libido. All of this can contribute to women ageing faster than their mates. So to maintain a healthy heartbeat, breathe in through your nose for four beats and out for eight at least twice a day or anytime you feel under pressure.

Health tips for women over 40

Exercise and keep fit
Just 30 minutes a day gives your metabolism the jump start it needs. You don’t need to join a gym: simple squats for the thighs and stomach crunches will help your bones stay strong, maintain balance and avoid injury, which becomes more important as you get older. This is how to stay fit after 40.

Eat breakfast
women should know that eating breakfast works together with their metabolism which is at its peak in the morning and fuels activity.

Studies have shown that women who eat breakfast lose more weight and sustain their loss more effectively than those on a low-carbohydrates diet who make breakfast their smallest meal.

Fuel your mood by eating protein

If you are prone to low moods, try pumping up your protein intake. Eat foods with the amino acids that are needed to form complete proteins, at least twice a day. These foods boost levels of mood-lifting neurotransmitters in the brain, which in turn help with symptoms of depression and poor memory. Fish, eggs and quinoa are great sources of protein.

Take calcium and vitamin D
Women over 40 should give their bodies a boost with calcium and vitamin D which they can get naturally from foods such as milk and salmon. Experts recommend women in their forties should take 1000mg of calcium and 800 IU (international units) of vitamin D every day. They can take supplements if necessary.

Catch up with girlfriends
Make sure you keep up with your girlfriends in person. Organize lunch dates just to breathe in fresh air with your girlfriends. Use the opportunity to vent about things bothering you or just laugh, play and have some fun. Not only does relaxing with them reduce stress and boost your self-esteem, a good social life can also mean less risk of diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

Drink more water

Women’s health over 40 requires taking water. Staying hydrated is another sure way of maintaining good health if you are a woman over 40. Drink more water. Drink water before you eat. Drink water first thing in the morning. Drink water before bed. Substitute water for alcohol or that soda drink for a healthier life.

Try something new
Women over 40 should try something new with their partners. When a relationship is in its first flush, dopamine sites in the brain stimulate the libido. If your relationship is a little rusty, recreate those warm days by being adventurous with each other. You can go dancing or go somewhere more exciting than your usual couple holiday.


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